Wonderful Wedding Show part 3 {winnipeg boudoir photography}

Lizette and I (Carol) planned our booth for the wedding show for months. We scoured shops and stores for just the right colours of fabric, accessories and products.  We really wanted it to convey our style as photographers and to show the level of attention to detail we put into our sessions. We were pleasantly surprised how quickly it all came together and so happy with the end result. So many people commented on the decor of our booth, one gentleman even asked if we could come help him decorate is house for his wife. So cute!!

Thanks again for all those who came out and dropped by our booth,who stopped to chat and share your words of encouragement and appreciation to us. One woman really stands out in our minds because she specifically returned to our booth to tell us this. (Not verbatum) “I just had to come back to tell you how wonderful I think the work you do is. You are really showing all women they are beautiful at any size. I can see how it would give someone so much confidence in themselves!” These words touched us beyond measure and are the reason we do what we do. So to that woman, “Thank you for your words and for “getting” us.”

It was a pleasure meeting you all.

♥Lizette & Carol

Thanks Mike of Tinholt Photography for taking our photo!


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