{Vintage Vixen}- Winnipeg Boudoir Photographers

Can you hear that? The sound of clouds parting and angels singing? That’s how I feel anyway after blogging this session. Miss S absolutely slayed her session! She came into the studio debating between 2 different looks, one of them being this vintage vixen vibe, and I could not be more thrilled with her choice! Those lips, those eyes…

This seductive look was created my ravishing talented artists Steven Mathew and Ashton Lethbridge.

She was completely relaxed and just let herself go by following my direction to a tee. They say confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear and I felt Miss S exuded it throughout her entire session.

For those clients who come in expressing they need to tan before their session, I’d love for you to take a look at how alluring a milky white complexion can look.

I wanted to wish Miss S all the best with her recent move and all her future endeavours on the west coast! Come back and visit!

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Winnipeg Boudoir Photographers

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