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Being that yesterday was a holiday, we thought we would post today.

I started wearing this do last summer in Germany and it’s become one of my fav hair styles for the summer! It’s called the Bird’s Nest Bun. It’s perfect for summer time, especially for our humid weather in Winnipeg. This fab hairstyle looks great whether you are wearing a dress or a casual outfit. Here are some instructions on how to get the look.

  • First apply some mousse to the mid lengths and ends of hair
  • Blast with a hairdryer to dry mousse into hair
  • Pull hair up into a very high ponytail on top of head
  • divide the ponytail into several sections then tease each section with a comb, creating lots of volume and texture (it should look a little crazy right now, don’t be alarmed, it will soon be tamed)
  • Brush the ponytail out just a little bit to even out the texture, then wrap the hair around the ponytail to create a messy topknot
  • Secure with bobby pins all the way around
  • Finally spray with hairspray

For the Chanel pre-Fall 2011 version of the style , simply add a headband and if desired tug out a few loose pieces of hair to create a more wispy finish.

xoxo Somboun

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