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Spring is in the air and that means most of my clients want to start going lighter for summer.

Here are a few tips I would recommend for going lighter.

If anyone has the ombre style going on, I would suggest lightening up your ends and adding a few more highlights around the face for that extra glow. You can also get a little sassy by dip dying the tips in a vibrant hue for a more edgy style. A semi glaze would be great as well if you’re wanting to try out a different shade.

I would also recommend gradually lightening your hair only a few shades than what you have going on. It’s more attainable, less damaging, and you get to see yourself in the in between stages.

As for going lighter I highly recommend products that will help protect your hair and keep it healthy. I love using these three Schwarzkopf products: Moisture Kick leave in conditioner, Repair Rescue sealed ends, and Restore Time Q10 treatment.

The Moisture Kick leave in conditioner is very light, detangles, and helps to moisturize the hair.  The Repair Rescue sealed ends seals the cuticle of the hair down, leaving your hair smooth.

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Q10 – Time Restore Treatment is a reinforcing Q10 conditioning treatment for mature and fragile hair. Q10-Collagen-Technology helps to stimulate the hair roots of mature hair to activate production of the two keratins that subsides over time and reinforces the inner hair structure. BC Time Restore reinforcing Q10 treatment is a rich, creamy treatment that deeply cares for dry and brittle hair without overburdening normal to fine hair.

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