Makeover Mondays ~ {Lizette} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography

Today’s Makeover Monday is a little different, featured today is our Wonderful Wedding Show booth’s makeover. We should’ve taken before images, but hey, take what you can people. The flower wall took Carol & I 16 hours to make! You might think we’re crazy but we have a lot of plans for that wall, like using it as a new backdrop for our studio! So if you book a session with us, this is now an option.

If you missed our booth last year, you can check it out here.

We’d like to thank everyone who dropped in at our booth and took the time to talk with us, (Even Frankie, for the comic relief) we were so humbled by how many people knew of Coco Boudoir and all the compliments we were given – you guys rock! And sorry for anyone who had to witness me past 5pm on either day standing in my socks like a 4yr old, because my feet hurt so bad from being in heels for 8hrs straight. Why wear heels then you ask? Well being only 5′ 1″ I don’t own any flats, my hubby is 6’1″ so I ned all the height I can get. So on the list for next year’s show, a pair of simple flats to save my feet and Carol’s sanity! (Luv ya Carol!)

  • you ladies are the classiest around and your booth was stunning!
    your passion for what you do shines through and i would recommend anyone to coco without hesitation…this team will make you feel as beautiful as you are…right now!

    January 30, 2012
  • Your booth was beautiful and complimented your beautiful work! Amazing job ladies.


    January 30, 2012

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