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Out with the new and in with the…old?

 As I’m quickly approaching my late twenties I’m growing out of the ‘junk jewellery’ phase and embracing my new love affair with investment pieces…also known as ‘more expensive pieces’.  As these treasures usually come with a higher price tag what better way to revamp my jewellery box than to redesign my mother’s no longer used, long forgotten jewellery?

 For today’s Makeover Monday I’d like you to go through your grandmother’s or mother’s jewellery box. Yes, whether you like it or not your granny’s rings are now back in style. My mom had recently handed me a bag full of old rings, charm bracelets and broken chains and said, “You’re a jeweller, make something new you can wear” and with some items, I will! But melt down my Grammy’s engraved antique locket?? Never!

 For example, I inherited a fragile opal ring in an oversized claw setting that was not to my taste.  So after immediately soaking the opal in olive oil, I took it apart and soldered the gemstone inside my new-to-me locket. Not only does it suit me but I cherish the history that only heirloom pieces have!

 Jewellery is unique and personal so it’s only natural that you’re not going to love everything that’s been gifted to you but that’s not to say you can’t make those items into unique fashionable pieces that incorporates you and your grandmother’s style.

Here at Mokada, we can customize your heirlooms into pieces you will love and be unique as you are.

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