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I really wanted to talk brows for this entry; however I think we are far too eager for summer to come!! So let’s talk bronzer’s baby!  A sun kissed look can be worn all year round, especially with our dreadful long winters… but the look of a bronze goddess has more focus in spring and summer. This look is lovely on everyone, just be sure to choose the right shades appropriate for your skin tone. If you want to do this look for day, keep it simple, for more of an evening look; don’t be afraid to experiment with a bit more highlight and some eye liner.

Start with your regular covering up regimen – foundation/concealer/powder (use all for a beautifully concealed finished look.)  If your happy with the look of your complexion and know that the next added steps will give you your desired look, proceed to step two.  If your determined for your bronzed goddess look, read on ~Mix a bit of loose gold shimmer to your foundation, M.A.C pigments blend beautifully and a little bit goes a long way-‘Naked’ is a nice universal choice. Or you can add a dollop of M.A.C strobe cream to your foundation, a beautiful luminescent cream that gives a lovely glow to the complexion.

  1. Blend and dust bronzer all over face (I will reveal fav brushes/tools in another entryJ) with a large powder brush.  Apply more on the temples and on the higher Plaines of your cheekbones. Be sure to blend bronzer into hairline, jawline and even a bit on your ears and of course neck shoulders and chest, if they are exposed.
  2. Dust a peachy/tawny/terracotta type shade onto apples of cheeks. You can also add a highlight on the temples and slightly above your brows, as though you’re dusting it where the sun would kiss your face. Be careful when layering your highlight with your bronzer, you don’t want to look like the golden boy 😉
  3. Add that same highlight or a choice of a warm lighter gold shade to inner corner of eyes and the arch of your brows. In this step you may want to fill in your brows!(if your wanting a more beachy look be more casual with the defining.
  4. Blend a shade of shimmery bronze eye shadow on your lid up to your crease.  You can choose to keep the look of your eyes simple beachy, sexy and natural. OR for a sultry look, just add black or dark brown liner across your bottom inner tear line and the base of your bottom lashes. Perhaps you would like your eyes to be more interesting, try shades of peach, burgundy, coppers, sometimes even navy and greens look amazing!
  5. Swipe black mascara on those lashes.
  6. To complete your look give those lips a sheer shade of peach or bronze lipstick or gloss.

♥ Karrie

  • charlene

    Karrie! Great tips!! I LOVE strobe cream and Naked Pigment is sooo beautiful on any skin tone!! YUM!! Can’t wait for summer!! 🙂

    April 4, 2011
  • Rhae

    Love this entry! Can you recommend a good peachy blush and gloss for a gal with medium – olive skin tones?

    April 5, 2011
  • Karrie

    All by M.A C
    Peachykeen-my first love, great easy blush
    Peaches- a matte type blush no shimmer
    Springsheen- a lovely deeper peach with rose undertones. Leave a
    lovely golden sheen on complexion
    Style- a fun flirty fresh blush. Has a golden pearly finish

    April 7, 2011

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