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 Once you have chosen your perfect-for-you lashes, there are a few things to be sure you have close by.   Your sanitary comfortable station, washed hands, a tilting magnifying mirror, tissue, lash glue (DUO is a fav by most), “q-tip” cut in half (using non cotton side, cosmetic scissors, lash curler, mascara and a dark eye liner.

 1.     Having your tools and supplies ready for you on your station makes for a quicker and less frustrating application.  On your tissue, have a squirt of glue, and your two sides of your q- tip ready to go. At this time you can remove the lashes.  If possible bend the case at the lash, if this may make it easier to remove them.  Measure the false lash to your natural lash line. You may need to trim depending on your eye shape and size. Trim starting from the inner corner, just a few lash knots at a time.

 2.     Coat your natural lash with mascara, some like to add a bit of eye liner for a guide line for the base of the lash, doing so can shadow the base of the false lash line if application is less than perfect.

 3.     Holding the false lash in your finger tips over your station with one had, with the other, apply a few layers of the glue and a tad more on each corner using your one halved q-tip.

 4.     Let the glue on the lash dry a bit, 20 seconds or so, to the rookies, dry less, as the glue will have more slip for you to move the lash into place.


Your eyes slightly open, go in at a 45 degree angle, touch the false lash to the middle lash line, then using your non glued side of your halved q-tip, press the inner corner down, following to outer corner. Take this few seconds before glue dries to move false lash into place if needed.

 5.     Pinch your natural lash into the false lash to get the adhesive to bind.  After a few moments, use your non-sticky one-sided halved q-tip to UN stick you in the corner of your eyes if needed.

 6.     Once dried, and UN sticky, conceal any bit of visible glue and the false lash base with a dark eyeliner.  At this time curling your lashes with an eyelash curler binds the natural lash and false lash for a more natural look, and feels lighter on the eyes.  For more drama add a few coats of mascara J

 You may find that other tools may come in handy for you.  Do what works for you! And practice makes perfect!  Have fun with it

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