Makeover Mondays ~{Carol}~ Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

Let’s talk panties shall we?

These are definite must for your boudoir shoot. But don’t just look in your drawer and pick out the ones you have. Your boudoir shoot is a once in a life time experience! Splurge on a few special pieces of lingerie just for you.

Yes, you can go to LaSenza and pick out a few pairs of pretty panties. But how about checking out a few online stores to choose from a variety of items not available in every department store?

I love It is full of unique, sometimes one of a kind, handmade items. I found a few beautiful pairs of panties that would be gorgeous for a boudoir session!

Black skirted thong


This Etsy store has so many beautiful pieces! They all look quality made and with meticulous attention to detail!


A couple of my favourites from LoLeviLa!

Nude Beauty

Royal Touch

♥ Carol

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