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With the Wedding Show behind us and the inquiries coming in from the show, we are a couple of busy women,lol! We are more than happy to answer any and all questions you have about booking and preparing for your session. But the #1 question that is coming at us this week is… “What do we wear??” Once your session is reserved you will receive a complete what to wear guide. And if you are still not sure bring a whole bunch of stuff and we will help you decide at the shoot.

For now I thought I would address some things about wardrobe over the next few days. Look for more posts this week and next about what to wear for your session!

I took inspiration for this post from Maxim Magazine. Their stylists and photographers are not all about the bikini’s and lingerie. Yup, there is lots of that there but I love how they use street clothes to add layers to their outfits. We think it adds a touch of intimacy and realism to your images. It also gives you something to do with your hands, unbuttoning a top, pulling on ties, wrapping material around your waist. That’s hot;) It also helps hide areas you don’t really want photographed. That is definitely a plus:)

We love pretty tops, henley tops, sweaters, and cardigans in a boudoir shoot. Trench coats, leather jackets, dresses too.

So go through your closet, look for lacy, shear, off the shoulder, chunky knit clothing that you already own!

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