Inspire Me {Winnipeg Boudoir Photography}

I thought I would address red in our inspire me boards right away as it’s a pretty popular color for boudoir. Now don’t get us wrong, we do love red! In fact it’s my (Carol) favorite color! It’s sexy, it’s hot, it’s the color of love for goodness sakes! BUT it’s a difficult color to do well for boudoir. It’s a strong color and it can take over your image. We want YOU to be the focus of your images not the red bustier you are wearing.  So here are a few tips about using red for your Coco Boudoir Session. Pick one or two things MAXIMUM for an outfit in red, for example heels and a bracelet or necklace. Pair it with a soft beige or cream to tone it down. Check out the pretty red and beige negligee below. Now that is gorgeous!! Pick a rich dark red. It will photograph beautifully and it won’t be in-your-face-red. Incorporate red into accessories like pillows or lamps to add color to your all white or cream outfit. Of course a beautiful red lip color will look amazing! Our makeup artist, Karrie, will help you pick a color right for your skin tone. Check out a few examples below! Gotta a style or color you’d like to see featured on Inspire Me Boards? Leave a comment and we’ll get it up!

red done right

♥ Carol & Lizette

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