{Desire Album ft Ice Cover} – Winnipeg boudoir photographers

Just when I thought our Desire Album couldn’t get anymore luxurious, they went and added a new option called Ice Cover! It is extravagant! It gives the appearance of your favourite photo mounted in glass . For this particular album, the cover has been paired with the album material called “All that glitters is gold, ” one of over 20 options available.

As always, the Desire Album comes with a matching designer album box & 2 image Bedside Folio. It boasts 15 thick, silk textured pages. (30 sides) Has the capability of multiple images per page, as well as panoramic photos spreading over 2 pages.

It was well worth all the hours of research it took to find an album company that made such a high end product, and we are proud to offer it to our Coco clients.

If you would like to own a custom Desire Album filled with classy, beautiful photos of you, then book your session with Coco today! info@cocoboudoir.ca


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