{Permission to go BIG} – Winnipeg boudoir photographers

I have so many clients that shy away from the idea of having an image from their boudoir session blown up. I have been given many reasons,”I would feel so vain, I don’t need to see myself everyday, especially that huge, what if my in laws/kids see it…”
I couldn’t disagree with you more.
I myself have 3 large photos of me across from my bed.
On the days where I feel less than perfect, drained from the stresses of being a mom, running my own business, being pulled in way too many directions, it gives me a little boost of “damn straight I’m that awesome!” It’s like having a little cheerleader whenever you see it.
I wake up every morning mirroring the empowerment I felt from that day.
I get to see the best me everyday and I love it. It’s ok to give yourself permission to do the same.
If you’re hesitant about the kiddos and in laws seeing it, hang your art in your ensuite, or choose a photo that’s more non-identifying or abstract.

{Happy Birthday Karrie!} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photographers

Clearly these photos were taken a few months ago, but they showcase our birthday girl fabulously! AND I’m dying for spring already!!! For those that don’t know, Karrie is Coco Boudoir’s makeup artist. She’s bubbly, passionate, animated, a little bit zany and always brings energy to our shoots. Technically speaking she is only 8years old…her real birthday falls on a leap year Feb 29, but at Coco, we’re celebrating today. A very happy birthday to you doll face! Love all the girls at Coco xoxo

winWinnipeg boudoir photography

{A Special Day} – Winnipeg Boudoir photographers

Today is a very special day! It’s our very own Somboun’s Birthday! We thought, what better way to wish her a happy birthday than to showcase her in all her beauty. We are so very lucky to have her as Coco Boudoir’s hair stylist. She does such an amazing job on all our clients and we wanted to make sure we gave her the same treatment in these photos. Wishing you a very Happy birthday doll face!

winnipeg boudoir photographers

{a breath of fresh air} Winnipeg Boudoir photography

When our FABULOUS make up artist Karrie came to us with the idea of doing her boudoir shoot outside we were thrilled!

What could be cooler that that?

We had the most amazing backdrop- our city- and the most beautiful subject.

Karrie, although being a bit nervous at first, could not have been more confident, and not a bit worried about the 2-4 people hanging out on their balconies;)

Here’s a sneak peek! It’s going to be torture narrowing down our favs!

Lizette & Carol

You are beautiful {Winnipeg Boudoir Photography}

Yup, I’m talking to you. You are beautiful, inside and out, upside down and backwards.

Operation Beautiful

Caitlin, the editor of Operation Beautiful is on a mission to change the way we see ourselves. The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post anonymous notes in public places for other women to find. The point is that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. You are enough… just the way you are!

I’ve only looked back a few posts here but my favorite note ,posted on a scale in a store, so far is this:

“This scale will not tell you the following:

-what a great person you are

-how much your family and friends love you

-that you can make a stranger melt with your beautiful smile

-that you have the power to choose happiness” (this is my fav!!!)

What an amazing way to encourage and support all women!! Get out there and post your own notes, it will make you feel beautiful too!  Thanks so much Tina for sharing this!