Women are so lucky to be able to exchange their favourite pieces with each other. I often find it frustrating when I see a beautiful piece on my best friend then to try it on and get a feeling that it doesn’t quite look right. Here are some tips on how to choose jewelry that will suit your skin tone and face shape:

Identifying your skin tone is easy. If you’re looking on the inside of your wrist just identify if you veins are a blueish or greenish colour. If your veins are blue you may notice that you have pinkish or rosy-red undertones when looking in the mirror, meaning that your skin tone is Cool. Warm skin is identified by green veins while having a yellow or golden skin tone.
Cool skin tones favour silver, platinum or white gold.
Warm skin tones favour metals such as brass, copper, yellow and rose gold.
Cool skin pairs better with white pearls and diamonds. If your looking into gemstones try to chose tones as pinks, purples, blues and reds.
Warm skin pairs better with coral and golden toned pearls. Gemstones should focus on more earthy tones such as browns, oranges, greens, yellows, peaches and corals.
Facial Shapes:
Heart/Triangular/Diamond shaped faces should keep with long dangly earring to help elongate the face. Shorter necklaces will help soften the sharp angle of the chin.
Round/Square/Triangular shaped faces should try long, accentuated shaped earrings such as tear drops and rectangular. Try to keep you necklace length to around 28″ to 32″ so it is well below the neckline.
Rectangular shaped faces should choose stud and round earrings to contrast a longer shaped face. Having short choker-like necklaces will help balance a long neck.
Oval shaped faces should keep with dangly earring at a medium length. Long or short necklaces can suit oval shaped faces.


Anyone watch the MTV movie awards last night? Yes, I’m probably getting too old to watch stuff like that, but I love seeing what people are wearing, especially shoes! (ok ok ok and to watch Russell Brand say something totally inappropriate) One of the shoes that did catch my eye was worn by Elizabeth Banks. I loved these Ruthie Davis classic black heel with the amazing copper heel named “Beverly.” Was there anyone’s shoe who caught your eye? You can check out more celeb shoes here.

{winners announced} – winnipeg boudoir photography

Thanks to everyone who participated! We had a total of 31 entries and chose the winners using random org dot com, based on the order of appearance as comments. I think it’s no surprise that Sam Shaman would be a winner here, but who will she be taking with her to the complimentary session? … Entry #25 – Laura McLeod!

Congrats ladies! We will be in contact with you to book a date!

Makeover Mondays ~ {Somboun} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography


Spring is in the air and that means most of my clients want to start going lighter for summer.

Here are a few tips I would recommend for going lighter.

If anyone has the ombre style going on, I would suggest lightening up your ends and adding a few more highlights around the face for that extra glow. You can also get a little sassy by dip dying the tips in a vibrant hue for a more edgy style. A semi glaze would be great as well if you’re wanting to try out a different shade.

I would also recommend gradually lightening your hair only a few shades than what you have going on. It’s more attainable, less damaging, and you get to see yourself in the in between stages.

As for going lighter I highly recommend products that will help protect your hair and keep it healthy. I love using these three Schwarzkopf products: Moisture Kick leave in conditioner, Repair Rescue sealed ends, and Restore Time Q10 treatment.

The Moisture Kick leave in conditioner is very light, detangles, and helps to moisturize the hair.  The Repair Rescue sealed ends seals the cuticle of the hair down, leaving your hair smooth.

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Q10 – Time Restore Treatment is a reinforcing Q10 conditioning treatment for mature and fragile hair. Q10-Collagen-Technology helps to stimulate the hair roots of mature hair to activate production of the two keratins that subsides over time and reinforces the inner hair structure. BC Time Restore reinforcing Q10 treatment is a rich, creamy treatment that deeply cares for dry and brittle hair without overburdening normal to fine hair.

Somboun Phommarath


Society Salon


{Starting the weekend off right} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photographer

Let’s start the weekend off right by having a bit of a contest! We are so close to having 1000 facebook fans, so let’s do a 1k giveaway!

How about a makeover for you and a friend and complimentary sessions? (see what’s included here)

All you have to do is tell your friends to like our facebook page, (click here) and leave a comment saying who sent them. When we reach 1k, we’ll draw a name and that person and the referring friend will win!


  • friend must be a new fan to the Coco Boudoir facebook business page
  • both winners must have the session on the same date (you pick the date)
  • sessions must be booked before July 31 2012
  • no cash value
  • prints and products NOT included.
  • winnings are non transferable
That’s it! so start spreading the word!

{Gracious} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

Just like in the Miss Universe pageants, if the crowned victor can not fulfill her duties then the title and crown goes to the runner up. Unfortunately Stephanie had to respectfully bow out and in her place the lovely Sherryl graciously agreed to be our new Coco Signature Girl. (alongside Karen)

We are working on details for the 2012 Signature Girl shoots and can not wait to show off these amazing women.

Introducing Sherryl

Makeover Mondays ~ {Karrie} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography

‘On trend’ wardrobes cover magazines and streets-bold color blocking, vibrant hues and pretty printed jumpers; Great for your clothes but this season for your prettiest asset?…

Keep the face super natural and glowy and lashes lashy!  Freshly pinched cheeks and shiney lips a few shades brighter than natural lip tone, give a timeless elegant feel yet modern and fresh.  Spritz your complexion with “fix +” facial spray or my other “lust have” “moisture surge” Clinque facial spray for an extra fresh finish. Keeping your top quarter naturally pretty will allow for admirers to not be overwhelmed with your loud threads and over done makeup. Doing so also separates the two and allows for less competition.

 Get outside the box and have a little, or a lot of fun with fashion this spring!   What’s prettier than a fantastic outfit and a well done face?  A laughing happy you that radiates from within.

 May you always feel beautiful and truly happy,

 ~Karrie lee~

{2012 Coco Signature Girls are…} winnipeg boudoir photography

During the process of choosing our winners we said many times how crazy we are to do this to ourselves!


Every single woman we photographed could have potentially been the winner. All beautiful, all sexy, all a pleasure to be around.

So choosing two was a feat in and of itself.

This was our criteria for helping us choose the Coco Signature Girls.

Style, look, personality, willingness to try new things, confidence in front of the camera and all around good fit for us.

These two women were exactly what we were looking for and we are thrilled with the opportunity get get to photograph them.

Meet our 2012 Coco Signature Girls




Congratulations ladies! We can’t wait to work with you both!

And thank you to all 660 of you who voted and commented on our FB page!

Your votes won a complimentary Signature Session for Pam D!

Congratulations Pam!

To our runners up, thank you so much for entering. We truly wish we could have picked you all.

We would love to offer you a $200 print credit towards your own Signature Session or Petite Session to thank you for participating!

Make sure to check back here on the blog or on FB when we reveal our first 2012 Signature Girl sessions!

♥Carol & Lizette

{the unveiling…} winnipeg boudoir photography

…of our top 6!

We had so much fun at the trial sessions a couple of weeks ago! These women rocked it!

While we would love to have the general public vote, we really feel it is important for us to pick who will best be representing our company.

We chose our two favourite women based on their style, look, personality, confidence in front of the camera and if they were a good for fit for us.

BUT we want you to help too!

So vote for your favourite girl. The woman with the most votes (not crowned as Signature Girls) will receive a complimentary Signature Session!

Don’t forget to like our Facebook page first!

You have until February 19th at midnight to get get your votes in.

We will be crowning the 2 Signature Girls on February 20th.

Tell all your friends and spread the word!

So here are the top 6 in alphabetical order…

Vote for Anna here

Here is a little about myself.  I’m 34 years old and have been married to my wonderful husband for 15 years this up coming April! We have 3 beautiful children together.  We also run a business which keeps us busy but with the flexibly to travel which we both love.  I have many hobbies like reading and oil painting but my real passion is running.  I love to run Half Marathons in new and exciting cites.  I’ve run in Winnipeg of course and Calgary, Las Vegas, Philadelphia (twice) and Long Island.  This year I have a big goal of running a Full Marathon in Montreal.

Vote for Karen here

I am 27 and am working as a surveyor for TransCanada Pipelines but I’m returning to school and am taking the Animal Health Technology program at Red River College with hopes of working as a veterinary technician when I’m done.

I’m seriously dedicated to what I do, and am independent and determined. But don’t think that I don’t have a fun side! I am easy going and very fun natured!

I love practicing yoga, dancing, travelling, shopping, going out with friends, reading, watching movies, baking, photography, camping, exploring the outdoors and of course, playing with my cat, Xena!

Vote for Pamela here

 Five Things You Can’t Tell About Me By Looking At My Images:

1) I gave birth to my second child 6 months ago and I love the 20 pounds of baby weight and stretch marks I gained.

2) I feel sexiest when I am learning.

3) I used to work as a security guard, birth control counselor and social worker but prefer my current ‘job’ as a stay-at-home-mom.

4) I have been deeply in love with a funny nerd for 10+ years. 5) I am a hippie at heart, and stand up for the underdog.

I would be truly honoured to have the chance to collaborate with Coco Boudoir. Please vote for me!

Vote for Sherryl here

What an incredible experience that every women deserves! Going into something so foreign from my everyday life, feeling unsure of myself and leaving absolutely beautiful. Coco Boudoir is not for supermodels, it is for real women, who give to their families, give to their communities and often forget about themselves. I am a fulltime employee, fulltime mom, fulltime wife and in all that I forget that I am important too. I am not size 0 and in no way a runway model and I don’t want to be. I am me. The Coco Boudoir experience allows you to be YOU!

 YES, I was nervous, YES, I was scared, YES,  I thought I am not the “ideal” size, but I am ideal for my life, for my family, my husband and my friends. It not about “the look”, it’s about the beauty we all embody, in carrying out our daily lives, putting band aids on knees & hugs to our hurting children. It’s trying to balance work and home. After a long day coming home to more work… and yes whipping up dinner and washing up dishes. Real life, real women. You deserve this, not because you are a super model but because every women is a super women. Big thanks to the talented and supportive team, Carol & Lizette (dynamic duo) for their fantastic vision & artistry in helping women recognize that we are all truly beautiful.

Vote for Stevie here

I am 26 years old. I was named after Stevie Nicks which I think is pretty cool! Currently I am in my fourth year of university and I’m working toward a Social Work degree. I have a wonderful boyfriend who always seems to put a smile on my face even when I am having the crappiest of days. I also love animals and I am a vegetarian! Hummm what else can I say….. I’m a very fun and down to earth girl. I love Dj’ing, playing video games, going to the gym, watching movies, reading, and traveling.

Vote for Stefanie here

Stefanie’s best friend Michelle nominated her and this is what she had to say about her. What a sweet friend!

“Stefanie has always made each one of her friends be proud of how they look for everything they were; strength, wisdom, unique style, curves, no curves, courage and spirit. She is a beautiful soul and I think one of the most beautiful people inside and out. She is refreshing and truly a presence in every room. Her band MIS EN SCENE is taking off and I think that her unique and vintage inspired look reflects Coco and would be a great platform for your brand.

THIS GIRL WAS VINTAGE before it even became popular!!!
She used to walk out of vintage stores in the most ridiculous clothes that no one would ever wear and I’ve never seen ANYONE rock the clothes she did with style.
Now everyone has jumped on the vintage train but she was truly one of the first.  She gives great face like no other and has a beautiful body that needs to be embraced! She is tall and athletic and she IS everything a woman should be.”

Good luck ladies!

We truly wish we could have chosen you all! It was so much fun working with you! xoxo

❤Carol & Lizette