Jewelry trends typically are forecasted from the three R’s: Red Carpet, Runway & Real Life. Here is a quick list of trends the Mokada ladies think you should be looking for in 2013.

Shine bright like an emerald. Pantone just named emerald the colour of the year and we’ve already seen stars hit the red carpet fashioning this brilliant gem. International mining firm Gemfields is aiming to do what De Beers has done for diamonds; making the emerald a standard household item. Emeralds and rubies are the second hardest gemstone next to a diamond and make ultra unique engagement rings for those looking to break the mould.

Snakes and social ladders.  Love it or hate it, we’re going to snakes trickle down from the red carpet. Rachel Weisz shines in Bulgari’s Serpenti Collection this runway season. She’s often the face of classic beauty and we love how she’s showing off her edgy side in jewel adorned serpents. Watches, arm bands, bracelets and even clutches have taken shape to our slithery friend… And we love it.

Stacking, stacking, stacking. The “stackables” ring trend has been around for the past few years but this year we are seeing it more than ever. One of my favourite new trends for this year is the knuckle ring. Stacking a mixture of gold, fashion and thin rings and topping the look off with a few tiny rings on the your first knuckle is a perfect hipster-chic combination.  We’ll also see the colour blocking trend move to your arm candy.



 I love the textured rock chic hair!!

 I love this do because it’s very low maintenance and different from the everyday straight hair do or perfectly curled hair do.

Here’s how you achieve the look:

With your hair still damp, generously apply Schwarzkopf Osis Grip extreme hold mousse to lock in the texture. Part the hair in the middle and blow dry the hair using just your fingers instead of a brush.

If your hair is dead straight with no natural waves, use a 1 inch curling iron to get a little bend. Make the waves look very natural and a little messy. Tip: for messy waves, alternate between curling strands towards and away from the face.

Once the hair is very dry, use Schwarzkopf Osis Mess Up texture matt gum that gives the hair a rough and ragged texture that is manageable. Twist the hair into long sections to create that chunky look that looks like dreadlocks.

To finish the look, roughen up the hair on the crown of your head with Schwarzkopf Dust  It  mattifying powder to give it that sexy just-got-out-of-bed look. The mixture of mousse, paste, and powder makes the hair look tougher and more rock ‘n’ roll!

Give this Rock Chic look a try from your everyday look! All products recommended are available at Society Hair Salon on 120 Donald Street.

Somboun Phommarath

Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

Society Hair Salon

120 Donald Street



A bit of a different take on shoes today. Normally I like to post really fantastic pumps, in style stilettos, or insert another adjective followed by a type of ladies shoe here, but today I thought I’d share a great find on how to protect your fav pair of heels. See that little do-dad on the left heel? It’s called a “heel above” and it prevents your 4inch stilts from sinking into the ground – neat eh? Show of hands, how many of you have been at an outdoor wedding/event and done that awkward tippy toe walk followed by a hey-I’m-13-and-wearing-heels-for the-first-time-wobble? 1, 2, 3, 4…yup pretty much every woman out there, so if you haven’t bought one of these yet, I recommend trying them out and sparing your heels a mud mask. You can find them here.


   Wellness and Beauty

Everything you put in your body is going to reflect how you look, more importantly. How you feel.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, beauty comes from within, your diet and attitude towards life is just as important.

Take small steps daily to tweak your diet and outlook on your days, you will see that in no time that, that kind of beauty is hundred times more stunning than that shimmer powder 😉

This task is not an easy one! But totally worth it. Our daily lives can really take a toll and make you lose your cool.  Try to take at least 10 mins a day to do something for you; this along with diet and right mind set

(And of course that shimmer powder ;))  you will be on the right track to beauty inside and out.

       Power packed antioxidant –rich foods

Artichokes- high in vitamin c = good for a radiant clear complexion with its ability to promote blood circulation – Steam, or lightly boil

  • Beets- Though very messy and can stain, this bright red veg is super high flavanoids, an antioxidant that promotes collagen production, who needs injections! – Steam, or lightly boil

Legumes/beans- high in protein, fiber and rich in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in our body, it retains moisture; which is going to give your complexion that youthful plushy healthy glow – Canned is easy to throw a few tbsp over a salad, or in soup or soak over night and boil rather than canned.

Berries- High in antioxidants and so super yummy! Anti-inflammatory to slow the aging process, brighten skin and eyes. Fresh is better, but frozen is also great over your morning oatmeal (opt for the real oats, not instant full of sodium and sugar – if you purchase the finer ground oats, they take one minute to cook

 Brown rice – better than white rice as it’s higher in fiber and protein.  High in B vitamins, essential for curbing stress and keeping sleep patterns at bay.

 Green veggies, especially Kale- detoxifies the liver, this means clear skin, eyes and healthier body – Lightly steam, drizzle olive oil with a pinch of sea salt.

 Keep your diet balanced, incorporate these food in your diet along with your essential fats such as salmon oil/ cold pressed olive/coconut oils.  Keep it simple and natural, limiting condiments, frying and pop, drink plenty of water to flush out built up sodium and keep the fiber moving to rid the build up of roughage and fiber your eating 😉

 Eat your three meals a day, with healthy snacks and green tea in between them to regulate your metabolism and limit cravings for bad stuff.   Treat your self in moderation J

I have a hunk of dark chocolate daily, this keeps me sane!

 Whatever your “sanity snack” is, have it!, and don’t feel bad J you only live once.  However you also have one body, so take care of it

~May you always feel beauty~

xox Karrie lee


The most glamourous style for your fingers, other than jewelry of course, is oh -so-trendy Nail Art. Personally, I love Nail Art but I’m a little talentless when it comes to doing it myself; so the closest I’ve been able to follow the trend has been on Pinterest! That is until I found this post from Blanche Macdonald, Canada’s leading beauty and fashion school. Since I don’t have the most steady of hands, especially when it comes to doing my left hand, I found this design pretty easy! All you need is the brush from the polish so there’s no small intricacies but it packs a big punch! Happy Monday xo

We’re seeing these braided nail art designs everywhere! Who knew they’d be so easy to create. Check out this great YouTube tutorial for the steps and braid on!



Embracing nude…and not what you think.

I’ll be the first to admit when nude pumps started making an appearance, I was not a fan. They seemed boring and kinda blah, but then the majority of clients started bringing nude pumps in, and well now, they’ve kinda grown on me. They do seem to fit Coco’s branding to a tee and they really elongate a woman’s leg. So here’s my official declaration….I LOVE nude pumps! There, I said it. If you’re booking a Coco shoot, make this girl happy by buying some nudies, ok?

{a breath of fresh air} Winnipeg Boudoir photography

When our FABULOUS make up artist Karrie came to us with the idea of doing her boudoir shoot outside we were thrilled!

What could be cooler that that?

We had the most amazing backdrop- our city- and the most beautiful subject.

Karrie, although being a bit nervous at first, could not have been more confident, and not a bit worried about the 2-4 people hanging out on their balconies;)

Here’s a sneak peek! It’s going to be torture narrowing down our favs!

Lizette & Carol



When applying a primer to my clients skin, I am often surprised to hear that most of you ladies are not sure what this does, or how a primer works.  I take this little step for granted as it’s used with every application! its like second nature to use it.

A primer is used after your moisturizer and before your choice of coverage (foundation, powder or bronzer) if you choose not to use a coverage a primer may also be used to perfect the look of your complexion.  It also acts as a barrier between your skin and your makeup, protecting your skin.  Using a primer will also save you  $ as you wont use as much foundation, seeing it acts as a barrier, your foundation will sit on the primer, not getting soaked in by your thirsty skin. This simple step also allows more slip for the foundation and often provides a smoother look and texture; an added bonus to the primer would be to find one with an SPF, to protect your lovely face, it’s the only one you got! So take care of it! 😉

A few primers on my personal ‘Lust have’s’ list

 Estee Lauder B.B Cream SPF 45- Protects, Perfects and Moisturizes. This stuff is wondrous! – Not a fav for oiler complexions.

 M.A.C Face Protect SPF 50- the smooth texture is great alone or under makeup, non greasy! Works great for oiler skin

 Estee Lauder- Primer, no SPf, but is offered in a matte or Illuminatining formula, matte is perfect for oiler complexions, and the illuminator is amazing mixed with a fuller coverage foundation for a lighter texture for summer as well offers a beautiful glowy fresh complexion, alone or under any coverage.

 There are a few others amazing formulas, most which contain a silicone base. I personally don’t enjoy working with these as they have too much slip to them, however dryer complexions would benefit from a primer containing a silicone base, as it would supply more hydration.

 There you have it, Primers for your face! Just like your walls before you  paint  jj

 May you always feel beauty Yours Truly, Karrie lee