{Happy New Year!} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photographers

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and a great start to 2014!

We were super busy here at Coco, photographing many beauties right up to Christmas. We took a much needed break and are refreshed and eager to get back to what we love doing this week.

To start off the new year, we have a few things to share with you all.

  • First, Coco is finally on Instagram. We would love for you to follow us @cocoboudoir. We’ll be posting some behind the scenes action that goes on during our shoots.
  • Coco will be getting a new home in late spring! We’ll be moving to a chic little studio on Waterfront. Make sure you follow us to stay updated on our new venture.
  • We have added to our Coco family. We have brought on the talented Sarah Gurevich as another makeup artist to help with the growing sessions. (the lovely Karrie is still with us) Stay tuned for her bio.
  • And lastly, Valentine’s Day is JUST around the corner. If you want to be able to have prints/products back in time, you need to book asap. We only have 2 available dates left before then.

I think that’s all for now. We’ll be continuing with Makeover Mondays next week.


Ombré (from the French world “ombrer” meaning to shade) is a colouring technique when the shade fades from light to dark. The gradient colours are stunning when used in hair trends, nails and billowy silky fabrics. I’ve even used the ombré trend with lipstick with a dark purple/red fading into a natural pink in the inner lip. You can say I’m a little obsessed. I adapted the hair trend a number of years ago now because of it’s easy up-keep and beach hair look but I’m in love with bright spring coloured ombré jewelry this spring.

The idea is to have a gradual change between gems with a smooth transition without a distinguished line between shades. I love ombré faded jewelry on big bold gems for statement pieces and and small gradual fades on gems of the same size. We recently had a client who inherited a number of pearl pieces from her grandmother that did not suit her taste. We restrung the pearls of different colours to a subtle ombré fade that incorporated her grandmother’s heirlooms with an unexpected twist of today’s look. We loved how elegant and trendy the pearls looked!

Katelyn Daman
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1-530 waterfront drive, winnipeg


 A style that is trending for 2013: BRAIDS

They’ll be an increased demand for beautiful braids this year, whether it’s simple or intricate, for a wedding or a walk in the park, braids will continue to be a well sought after hairstyle in 2013. Don’t think that every braid has to be perfect; in fact, the idea of the ‘messy braid’ is here to stay!

Here’s a quick braid updo done by me on my friend Bailey.



Society Hair Salon

120 Donald Street


{meet M} – winnipeg boudoir photographers

M’s hubby coaxed her to get a Coco Signature session done and we’re really happy he did. She is absolutely beautiful and her personality matches.

When I delivered her album she said something that was music to my ears, she stated she was in a bit of a slump with herself and had done the session as a pick me up and it was all she needed, the album was simply icing on the cake compared to how she felt after doing the shoot. So although she was encouraged by her hubby and had done it in part for him, this session was mostly for her and THAT is what Coco is all about. Empowering yourself and feeling beautiful.

So glad we had the opportunity to work with you M!


My post about shoes falls at a perfect time as the Oscars were just on not long ago. I love checking out what the latest shoe trends are. We’ll start with Hollywood’d newest “It” girl, Jennifer Lawrence. As soon as I saw hers I thought they would be perfect under a wedding dress. Brian Atwood’s “wagner” in a nude shimmer.

Kristen Stewart donned these Jimmy Choo’s “cosmic” in nude.


Reese Witherspoon chose a pair of Louboutin in black named “very prive”

Most of the celebs seemed to play it safe this year and wore mostly nudes, neutrals and blacks.


{Happy Valentine’s Day!} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photographers

This is just a tiny glimpse of this AMAZING session. D was truly incredible to work with. It’s fitting that we’re posting this on Valentines’ day because she truly is a sweetheart! We adore when clients do Coco sessions for themselves, which is just the reason D came to us, even tho she does have a bf, (sorry fellas lol) she had said from the beginning that this was mostly for her.

We will be sharing a LOT more of this gorgeous, sweet & firery vixen very soon, so stay tuned.



makeover monday

For the last year the Beauty industry claimed a new product that many of us are fascinated by.  Some feel that it is in fact the best thing to come our way for years…

          THE  B.B CREAM!!.

Some of you are reading this thinking what the heck is that?!, and others heard of it, wanting to know more, and looking to learn for hints tricks and tips..

BB cream, also may be know as  “Blemish Balm”, or “Beauty Benefit” cream.
This legendary multi tasking cream; is used in different ways by the user, or beauty product junkie.
One may choose to use it as an all- in -one -product, another may like to use it as a third step in their seven product morning regimen.  Yes, seven LOL

      The BB cream is a:

MOISTURIZER: feeding your thirsty skin with moisture.

PRIMER: which means its perfecting the look of your complexion with the antioxidants and minerals. Also, acting as a barrier between your skin and your foundation – if you choose to wear one over top) however it is….

A TINT: (light coverage foundation)

SPF: usually 20 or higher

I personally love it as a moisturizer and primer in the summer, as it has the SPF. especially great that you can wear it to the beach!, looks perfectly natural, your protected from the sun, your imperfections are concealed as it perfects the look of the skin and its tinted!, need I say more!, what a super cream!
sounds to good to be true?! I know right?!! But it’s true!  And oh so good!!! And pssttt.. EVEN

available at your favorite cosmetic shop or beauty counter!

Have questions? Feel free to email me!

bb cream