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New year, new look! I felt it was time for Coco to get a bit of a makeover and I wanted the new brand to reflect what Coco is all about. Coco Boudoir is Winnipeg’s luxury boudoir studio, but it’s also more than just a studio and photographs, it’s also a luxury experience.

I opted for gold as the main part of the logo, because I wanted clients to know we offer the gold standard of boudoir services here in the city. The blush pink was chosen for the femininity that channels Coco. Ivory was incorporated because of its timeless and classy nature and the soft brown in the text was selected for a more delicate look over a harsh black.

All these adjectives are words our clients use to describe Coco. With our new branding, we now feel our look lives up to our reputation and what we have to offer you.

Over the month of February, we will be posting about what makes us a luxury studio & experience.

*Make sure to check out the images. We’ve added some new beautiful faces to the galleries!





{grace hill salon} – winnipeg boudoir photographers

Coco hairstylist, Somboun is partnering up with Amy McLachlan to open their own salon!
Don’t worry, she’s staying with Coco, she’ll just have a fabulous place for you to get your hair done for all your occasions, not just boudoir. You can be sure that collaborations with this high end salon are well underway. Make sure you stay up to date on what’s happening with their new business.
Start following them:

facebook at  Grace Hill Salon

instagram @grace_hill_salon


Miss J – Winnipeg boudoir photographers

We love when clients come in to do a shoot for themselves, just like Miss J. It’s an empowering experience to get in front of our cameras and get over the vulnerability of being photographed in barely anything at all. If J was nervous, it definitely didn’t show. As you can see from these photos, she simply exuded confidence.

Miss R | Signature Session – {Winnipeg Boudoir Photographers}

R is one of the sweetest clients we’ve had. She was always smiling, if not with her mouth, it still came thru in her eyes. We always give our clients tips/lessons before we begin photographing. One thing we go thru is “smizing” or smiling with your eyes. R needed no direction with that, it simply came naturally to her. It may be cliche to say, but it truly was a pleasure to work with you R.

{Book in time for Christmas!} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photographers

It may seem early to think about Christmas, but reality is it’s just around the corner.

If you are thinking about giving a luxurious album of yourself or another amazing Coco product, you should act now.

Ideally you should be booking your session 6 weeks prior to when you are needing your final product in hand. Coco Boudoir will be closed from Dec 19 – Jan 4. So this means Nov 7 will be our last day you can book sessions with the guarantee of having it in time for Christmas.

Contact us at to book your session

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        makeover monday                         


 Once you have chosen your perfect-for-you lashes, there are a few things to be sure you have close by.   Your sanitary comfortable station, washed hands, a tilting magnifying mirror, tissue, lash glue (DUO is a fav by most), “q-tip” cut in half (using non cotton side, cosmetic scissors, lash curler, mascara and a dark eye liner.

 1.     Having your tools and supplies ready for you on your station makes for a quicker and less frustrating application.  On your tissue, have a squirt of glue, and your two sides of your q- tip ready to go. At this time you can remove the lashes.  If possible bend the case at the lash, if this may make it easier to remove them.  Measure the false lash to your natural lash line. You may need to trim depending on your eye shape and size. Trim starting from the inner corner, just a few lash knots at a time.

 2.     Coat your natural lash with mascara, some like to add a bit of eye liner for a guide line for the base of the lash, doing so can shadow the base of the false lash line if application is less than perfect.

 3.     Holding the false lash in your finger tips over your station with one had, with the other, apply a few layers of the glue and a tad more on each corner using your one halved q-tip.

 4.     Let the glue on the lash dry a bit, 20 seconds or so, to the rookies, dry less, as the glue will have more slip for you to move the lash into place.


Your eyes slightly open, go in at a 45 degree angle, touch the false lash to the middle lash line, then using your non glued side of your halved q-tip, press the inner corner down, following to outer corner. Take this few seconds before glue dries to move false lash into place if needed.

 5.     Pinch your natural lash into the false lash to get the adhesive to bind.  After a few moments, use your non-sticky one-sided halved q-tip to UN stick you in the corner of your eyes if needed.

 6.     Once dried, and UN sticky, conceal any bit of visible glue and the false lash base with a dark eyeliner.  At this time curling your lashes with an eyelash curler binds the natural lash and false lash for a more natural look, and feels lighter on the eyes.  For more drama add a few coats of mascara J

 You may find that other tools may come in handy for you.  Do what works for you! And practice makes perfect!  Have fun with it

boudoir lashes

{Cold feet won’t be a problem…} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photographers

Picture this…

Your handsome groom-to-be is putting on his tuxedo and trying to tie that impossible bow tie. Your maid of honour knocks on his door and delivers a box with a ribbon wrapped around it. He sits down on the edge of the bed and opens it up. Inside lays a beautiful silk covered album. He picks it up and opens it. As he turns each page he sees a classy, sexy, elegant image of HIS beautiful bride-to-be, for his eyes only. What do you think the chances are that he’ll be getting cold feet before he walks down the aisle? We’d say 0%!!

The busy wedding season is fast approaching and so many of our clients are soon to be brides wanting to gift their grooms an unforgettable present. If this is something you’ve been thinking about doing, then make sure you book far enough in advance to ensure you have your product in hand for your big day!

At Coco Boudoir, we suggest booking about 8 weeks in advance. June & July brides to be, that means booking now. This will allow ample time to find a session date that works for you, schedule in a pre consult, & view & order your images.

Winnipeg Boudoir Photographers

{Happy Birthday Karrie!} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photographers

Clearly these photos were taken a few months ago, but they showcase our birthday girl fabulously! AND I’m dying for spring already!!! For those that don’t know, Karrie is Coco Boudoir’s makeup artist. She’s bubbly, passionate, animated, a little bit zany and always brings energy to our shoots. Technically speaking she is only 8years old…her real birthday falls on a leap year Feb 29, but at Coco, we’re celebrating today. A very happy birthday to you doll face! Love all the girls at Coco xoxo

winWinnipeg boudoir photography

{A Special Day} – Winnipeg Boudoir photographers

Today is a very special day! It’s our very own Somboun’s Birthday! We thought, what better way to wish her a happy birthday than to showcase her in all her beauty. We are so very lucky to have her as Coco Boudoir’s hair stylist. She does such an amazing job on all our clients and we wanted to make sure we gave her the same treatment in these photos. Wishing you a very Happy birthday doll face!

winnipeg boudoir photographers


I’m always on the look out for great new shoes, so I was excited when I found ShoeDazzle. It’s an inexpensive online store filled with some fantastic works of art. We like to tell our clients that when it comes to shoes and your photo shoot, the taller the better, but let’s face it, spending $100+ on a pair of shoes that you will wear very little doesn’t seem too enticing. Spending $25 tho + $12 shipping does seem reasonable tho. That’s right, almost all their shoes are $25 and come in a lot of different styles to suit everyone’s look.

Here are a few of my fave, but you can check it out for yourself.