Collaboration with Sacred Tusk

The pop up shop for Sacred Tusk is happening this weekend! Stop by the Coco studio and check out their polished collection of fresh & dreamy everyday active essentials!

Interview with Kyla Klassen of Sacred Tusk

  • What made you want to start an athletics boutique?

I went to university and graduated with degrees in both Economics and Textile Sciences. The following year I made my way to Costa Rica to complete my 200 hours toward my yoga teacher training. I figured why not put all 3 of these things together; textiles for fashion, economics for a small business and YTT for activewear. Thus, Sacred Tusk was created!

  • What can we find in your boutique?

Sacred Tusk is an online store specializing in women’s activewear. We offer pieces for every type of workout whether that is yoga or Pilates, spin class or the gym, or going for walks around your neighbourhood. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered! We carry everything from printed leggings to cozy long sleeves, high impact tanks to yoga mats and more. I suggest taking a peak at the Lookbook which is updated every season to get you inspired!

  • Top 3 holiday gifts you recommend from your store?
  1. The Turnout legging from FP Movement – an activewear line recently started by Free People. They have a gorgeous design, are high quality and the fit is impeccable.

2 .If you are shopping for that tough to buy for person in your life, a S’well bottle is a great go-to. There are tons of colours and prints to choose from at an affordable price!

  1. A graphic tank is also an easy and affordable gift! We offer lots of different styles and prints to choose from
  • Best post-yoga brunch in Winnipeg?

Great question – probably Stella’s or the Frenchway café on Lilac. Those are my two favourites right now!

  • Favourite yoga pose?

Any sort of backbend, they are so energizing! When I am coming out of a deep backbend, like wheel or camel, I am always left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

  • Favourite non-yoga workout?

I am really into spin classes right now. Saikel Studio or WPG Cycle are a couple of really great, locally owned studios that you definitely need to try out!

  • When you aren’t working on the store or teaching yoga, where would we find you/what would you be doing?

You can find me hanging out with my husband, my family and friends, travelling, going to concerts, enjoying yoga classes for myself and cooking! I love to cook!

  • Favourite part about working in fashion?

I love getting to see all of the new designs that the brands we carry have come up with for upcoming seasons! To see all of the new trends, fabrics and prints that all of these retailers have put so much love into. This gets me really excited to share any new product with my customer and keeps me motivated to make sure the shop is constantly being updated with new and exciting things!

*photos have been used with permission from the Sacred Tusk website

Collaboration with Azura Bay

We are very excited to announce that Coco will be teaming up with Azura Bay and Sacred Tusk. Both are Winnipeg based online retailers and will be having a pop up shop at the Coco studio for your shopping pleasure! You can check out and try on their gorgeous ethically made and eco friendly lingerie, swim and loungewear on November 11 & 12.

Interview with Ashley McIntosh of Azura Bay

  • What made you want to start a lingerie & swim boutique?
    • The first thing that inspired me to start a boutique is my passion for ethically sourced and eco-friendly clothing, which can be super hard to find in Canada, especially for items other than t-shirts and hoodies. I wanted to create a beautiful collection of all the great items I’ve found that meet those standards and help other Canadians looking for the same thing. Also, I’ve always been obsessed with summer fashion but lived in the prairies, so endless bikinis is a bit unrealistic for my closet and I thought underwear/lingerie would be a fun complement to swimwear.
  • What can we find in your boutique?
    • For underwear and lingerie, I try to carry a range from comfy, basic wireless, and wired bras as well as really pretty lace soft bralettes and matching undies, to the extra sexy bridal/boudoir/date night pieces. All the swimwear I carry uses recycled or eco fibers in the fabric (some comes from discarded fishnets reclaimed from the ocean), but they have a really soft feel and flattering fit for bikinis and one pieces. I also have rompers, oversized tees, and maxi dresses for cover ups. Finally, we carry some cozy loungewear like organic cotton tanks, leggings, tights, pjs and socks for looking cute and staying comfy this winter. Everything is ethically produced in Canada, the US, Europe or Fair Trade facilities in India, and many use eco-friendly fabrics.
  • Top 3 holiday gifts you recommend from your store:
    • The go-to option for a girlfriend / sister / mom: our organic cotton PJs are ridiculously cute & classic, and we have both a long sleeve/pants set and a shorts (coming soon!) version.
    • For a jetsetter: Our black / white rompers are super cute resort cover-ups for their next beach trip, and everyone needs a fluffy beach towel. Our new Marrakesh Turkish towels are a perfect item to pack.
    • For yourself: A gift card ;). Seriously though, it’s such a tough call but one of our favourite pieces this season is the ultra pretty, made in Canada Eden lace bralette, which looks good on everyone and peaking out from your fancy holiday outfits. If you want to send a hint to someone, especially to get the right size, we have a wishlist feature where you can send them a hint! For brides, start your own registry for your lingerie shower or bachelorette.
  • What inspires you?
    • Travel, nature, friends, family, other entrepreneurs, getting creative on the ice (figure skating) and beautiful Insta feeds.
  • Dream vacation spot:
    • While I can’t get enough of lake life here in the summer, if I could go anywhere on my next trip it would be Cornwall, England where our muse Corinne Evans is from (I had no idea English beaches had such variety) or New Zealand.
  • Favourite eco & ethical bloggers:
  • Favourite part about working in fashion:
    • Having a chance to build something from scratch is the most satisfying (and challenging) part of running my own business, and it feels so good when I get happy messages from customers or they post a selfie in their new goodies. It’s also so much fun meeting like-minded people in the industry or collaborating with other entrepreneurs to do something new.
  • When you aren’t working on the store, where would we find you/what would you be doing:
    • Figure skating, yoga, hanging out with friends and family getting Stella’s brunch or Thai food.

*photos have been used with permission from the Azura Bay website

{fluent} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

I can always tell when a client has dancing experience. Their hands and feet are a tell tale sign, but even more than that, their movements are so fluent and they have such poise and grace without any direction given. This is exactly how I would describe Miss A. She confided that relinquishing full control with myself and the stylists would prove difficult for her, as with SO many clients, but that doubt never made an appearance. Instead she did everything asked of her and more. The end result are these captivating images, proof of her ability to simply enjoy the experience.

When clients allow me to share their images, a complimentary 8×10 print of their choosing is gifted to them as a thank you. “A” immediately gravitated towards a specific image. She said the image captured the moment during her session where she let everything go and just went for it, the moment she felt completely confident and accepting of herself.



{Glowing | Miss A} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photographers

It’s true what they say about mommas-to-be, they have an absolute glow to them! Miss A couldn’t have been more radiant and the session couldn’t have been more effortless. I know that for most of us, growing a baby can seem like it takes forever, but the truth is it’s really such a short time. You will cherish capturing this “minute” in your lifetime. And what better way is there to make  yourself feel “like your all that” than with a Belly Boudoir session at Coco.

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{Permission to go BIG} – Winnipeg boudoir photographers

I have so many clients that shy away from the idea of having an image from their boudoir session blown up. I have been given many reasons,”I would feel so vain, I don’t need to see myself everyday, especially that huge, what if my in laws/kids see it…”
I couldn’t disagree with you more.
I myself have 3 large photos of me across from my bed.
On the days where I feel less than perfect, drained from the stresses of being a mom, running my own business, being pulled in way too many directions, it gives me a little boost of “damn straight I’m that awesome!” It’s like having a little cheerleader whenever you see it.
I wake up every morning mirroring the empowerment I felt from that day.
I get to see the best me everyday and I love it. It’s ok to give yourself permission to do the same.
If you’re hesitant about the kiddos and in laws seeing it, hang your art in your ensuite, or choose a photo that’s more non-identifying or abstract.

{Amazingly Sweet} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photographer

You know that type of personality that just makes you want to go above and beyond for them? That is Miss T. She is so amazingly sweet. And then after meeting her then fiancee and you realize he’s just as amazingly sweet and it makes you sigh because they’re just perfect together. I can’t tell you how much I love seeing that. To top off the great experience I had working with T, she also gave permission to share her photos and a testimonial that put an instant smile on my face.

“I was referred to the wonderful Coco Boudoir photography from a friend I had met through work, who had just done photos for her wedding & told me all about how amazing of an experience it was. When the time came for me to get married a year later, I instantly decided that I wanted to give my husband Boudior photos on the night before our wedding as a wedding gift.

Lizette was very accommodating with scheduling my appointment, as I am from outside the Winnipeg area. I booked the shoot giving myself a few months to get in some hard workouts. I know they recommend having photos done just as you are so that they are more authentic and true. I am all for being healthy in your skin, but I wanted to use the shoot as a goal for me to work really hard for & help get in shape for the wedding (win win)!
The day of shoot I was super nervous. With my suitcase full of goodies, I trucked up the long stairway to the studio. Once I was inside, I wasn’t sure if I was still out of breath because of the stairs or because of my nerves! The team was really quick to make me feel super comfortable. I felt super glamorous and beautiful after the stylists were done working their magic on me. Everyone in the studio was super chatty throughout the whole process and helped take my mind off of my lingering nerves.
The photoshoot was way less painful then the picture I had painted in my head. I started to really get into it! I remember feeling very awkward when not smiling at the camera for some of the poses, but when it came time to look at the photo proofs, those photos were actually my favourites.
My advise to a woman who decides to do this would be to forget about your insecurities and just go with it. Lizette was fantastic at positioning me in poses that felt natural & easy. I absolutely loved the studio setting. The lightening was great, the furniture was beautiful & I loved how there were so many possibilities to create a great photo.
I decided to bring my husband along to view the photo’s when they were edited and ready for viewing. He had a permanent smile on his face the entire time, and for me, that smile was worth all the hard work and anxieties I endured in preparation for my photoshoot.
We found it very difficult to narrow down the photos to just a few, but looking at them now, we absolutely love the final album. The photos definitely a bit pricey but I looked at it as an investment & a great lifetime keepsake.
I would absolutely recommend Coco Boudior (who is crazy talented by the way), & I would suggest to anyone who is slightly considering doing these photos to DO IT! You may have insecurities with your body now, but imagine looking back at these photos when you are in your 80’s or 90’s….you will think “damn I had it going on”!
Love yourself & embrace the skin you are in. You will see yourself in a totally new way after you view your album.
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winnipeg boudoirphotographer

{Excuse #3} – Winnipeg boudoir photographers

Has this next excuse been uttered from your lips?

“I’m just not photogenic” “I have no clue how pose and look sexy” “I’m too shy/awkward”

The pressure is off when you come to us, it’s our job to make you look and feel amazing! I’ve been photographing boudoir for almost 6 years now. I have yet to have a client who didn’t LOVE her photos, and I have had my fair share of self critical, pain-stakingly shy, non believers. There are few things that go into a shoot with us, that when combined make it impossible to not have knock out photos of yourself.

Professional hair and makeup. Our experienced stylists take into account your ideas as well as offer their own professional insight. They are truly artists!

The right clothing. Choosing outfits to flatter your shape is essential, and something we discuss at your pre consult.

Posing/lighting/angles. This can only be made possible with an experienced photographer – It’s a good thing I happen to know one ; ) I coach you on how to pose from head to toe, every step of the way while utilizing light and angles to achieve model worthy photos.

The results from this trifecta can only be… stunning, amazing images that you will be proud of.

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{illuminating | Miss H} – Winnipeg boudoir photographers

If Miss H was nervous, it was nearly undetectable. She seemed to be in her element. When I relayed that to her husband at her reveal session he said he had no doubts as he would describe her as a bit of an exhibitionist. My description of her would simply be glowing. This session was a gift for her husband, but it was every bit as much for herself. She walked into the studio excited and left absolutely glowing. During her reveal session, with her husband present, his jaw dropping reaction to her images could only bring her to the status of sheer illuminating.

Here’s what Miss H had to say about her shoot with us:

“Thank you Lizette, I had such a wonderful, exciting time getting my boudoir pictures done for my husband. Having a meet and greet with you beforehand made me feel a lot more comfortable before my big day. On the day of my photo shoot your stylist and makeup artist shocked and wowed me by making me look and feel beautiful. During the photo shoot, having you and having a friend there with me made me feel comfortable in my own skin to go through with it. You are truly a very warming and comfortable person to be around. I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know!
Thanks again for the great experience.
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{Excuse 2} – Winnipeg boudoir photography

This next excuse I hear almost as much as the first, “I want to, but it’s just too expensive…”

Most things you love/desire/seek out, such as trips, jewelry, spa days, cost money. These are all luxury items and services and are definitely worth the cost & saving for. When you book a session with Coco, you aren’t just buying pretty pictures, you’re also getting an unforgettable experience.

So let’s break down what makes a session an amazing, luxurious experience and why it’s worth it:

  • Customer service: We book a pre consult with all our clients to discuss what to wear/what to bring/what to expect, discuss your expectations and vision, show you our product samples, answer any questions you may have & and just to get to know you and for you to know us. During your session you get our entire staff all to yourself. We make you look and feel amazing! You’ll have 2 stylists doting on you while you sip champagne, you’ll be draped in exquisite jewelry, and be coached by professional photographers every step of the way. After your session, we have you come back to our studio for your in person Reveal Session. This is where you get to view and order all of your images. We help you go through your images and customize products so they are perfect for you.
  • High end products: Coco Boudoir is proud to offer the highest quality prints and products to our clients. I have scoured the globe looking for premium items to last a lifetime.
  • Glamorous studio: Our unique studio is like no other in the city. It’s filled with beautiful, exquisite furniture, bedding, props and chandeliers.
  • Experienced Professionals: Our stylists have years of education and experience. These are people I trust with my own hair and makeup. I myself have years of experience photographing women. I know how to coach & pose to get the most flattering version of you. I edit your photographs with precision, respect and care. 
  • Confidence: After you’ve experienced a photo session with Coco, you walk away with a new found confidence. And you can’t put a price tag on that! Just read our testimonials.

Some people think “I’ll shop around to find cheaper.” Sure, that works if you’re shopping for appliances but a women’s intimate moments should never feel like a bargain. We are a luxury brand that produces luxury results. You get what you pay for.

I did say I would be offering solutions to all the excuses and because we really do think every woman should experience a session with Coco, we offer payment plans to those who want it all but need a little help.

Don’t you deserve some luxury and glamour in your life? Book your session with us today, contact us at



{Inside our Waterfront Studio} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

Another glimpse inside our new studio, but without the gorgeous distraction of Miss Akrotiri 😉

I absolutely love photographing in my space! Coco Boudoir is located on Waterfront Drive. It’s a petite and luxurious studio that’s filled with beautiful light! We have a kitchenette and private restroom/change room. Ample street parking available.

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