{Product Spotlight} Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

We thought you might like to know what you can get when you book a session with us. So here is the first of a few posts highlighting the products we offer to our clients.

We love high quality, luxurious products that are beautiful and different. And we think you deserve the best!

The album shown in these images is Coco and is our signature cover. Fitting, don’t you think? But we believe in choices too, so you can also choose from a few other beautiful fabric covers.

Each image chosen for your album comes in your choice of a variety of digital borders.

Here are the different fabric covers Coco Boudoir offers.

{Win!!} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

Do you want to win a Signature Coco Boudoir Session of your very own?? ($400 retail value)

Just tune into Curve 94.3fm through out the day and listen for our new radio ad!

When you hear it, send us an e-mail to filling in the blank of this sentence:

“Coco is you, now, not ___________, but you right now!”

All correct answers will be entered into a draw to win a Signature Coco Session and a 8×10 bedside print*

Draw will be held on Monday November 22nd and all entries must be receive by 11:59pm on Sunday November 21st.

*EDITED* For those of you who have heard our ad, but can’t remember the line, here’s a hint to jog your memory. Go through our website and blog with a fine tooth comb and you’ll find the answer!! Oh and while you are on the website feel free to join our Facebook Group! We’d love to see you there!

*Session must be booked and held by April 2011, client responsible for session location, not redeemable for cash, privacy policy in full effect for this and all sessions, we will not share any images without your expressed permission, other prints/products available at regular prices.

Good luck!

Inspire Me {winnipeg boudoir photography}

Carol here, I don’t want anyone to think Lizette may have written this post,lol!

I have a small confession to make:) I am not a shoe girl.

I know! I shouldn’t even type those words!! For shame, for shame!!

I just have a hard time picking shoes, finding comfortable ones and finding a place in a home of 3 girls to put them!!

So I don’t buy them. BUT I do LOVE them. And I think they make a HUGE difference in the look of your boudoir images.

Need shoes for your boudoir shoot? Look for these 4 things:

1: Height. That’s right, the higher the better baby! They turn “ho-hum legs” into “wowza look at them legs” in an instant!

2: Details. Look for cute little details in the shoe to add a little something extra. Ruffle, zipper, ribbon, cut out, you get it!

3: Color. Now, don’t get me wrong, you gotta have at least one killer pair of black heels, but don’t forget about pink, green, blue and yellow!!! It doesn’t need to match the color in your outfit either. Just as long as it coordinates. Think red/navy, pink/lime green, brown/orange, teal/red.

4: Height. Worth repeating!! Go high for goodness sakes!!

Here are a few beautiful heels that would rock your boudoir shoot. What are you waiting for?


Artist Extraordinaire {Winnipeg Boudoir Photography}

We would like you to meet our fabu makeup artist, Karrie Lee!  She’s super fun, energetic, quarky, beautiful and damn, can she work her brushes.  She is the one responsible for all the past clients makeup you see on our blog and galleries.  We knew she would be a perfect match for Coco and are thrilled to have her on our team.  Karrie has years of experience and is up for hire for weddings and special events – just keep in mind that she ours first hehehe.  Karrie can be reached at 299-8978 to book an appointment.  Looking forward to all the upcoming shoots Karrie, you know how to rock it.

♥ Carol & Lizette

A Peek {Winnipeg Boudoir Photography}

It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart. ~unknown

A wife, a mother of 2, a friend, business owner. Fun, vivacious, and sweet. “K” is all of these things and more! We had the immense pleasure of spending time with the gorgeous “K” last week during her Signature Coco Session. This was a special 10 year anniversary gift to her husband and to herself.

You will both be over the moon with your images “K”. You can work a camera, girl, in front of it and behind it!!

♥ Carol & Lizette

Inspire Me {Winnipeg Boudoir Photography}

I thought I would address red in our inspire me boards right away as it’s a pretty popular color for boudoir. Now don’t get us wrong, we do love red! In fact it’s my (Carol) favorite color! It’s sexy, it’s hot, it’s the color of love for goodness sakes! BUT it’s a difficult color to do well for boudoir. It’s a strong color and it can take over your image. We want YOU to be the focus of your images not the red bustier you are wearing.  So here are a few tips about using red for your Coco Boudoir Session. Pick one or two things MAXIMUM for an outfit in red, for example heels and a bracelet or necklace. Pair it with a soft beige or cream to tone it down. Check out the pretty red and beige negligee below. Now that is gorgeous!! Pick a rich dark red. It will photograph beautifully and it won’t be in-your-face-red. Incorporate red into accessories like pillows or lamps to add color to your all white or cream outfit. Of course a beautiful red lip color will look amazing! Our makeup artist, Karrie, will help you pick a color right for your skin tone. Check out a few examples below! Gotta a style or color you’d like to see featured on Inspire Me Boards? Leave a comment and we’ll get it up!

red done right

♥ Carol & Lizette

Classy & Fabulous {winnipeg boudoir photography}

A girl should be 2 things…classy and fabulous. ~ Coco Chanel

This woman was definitely both! We had such a great time at this Signature Coco Session! “E” was super sweet and wonderful to work with. And, of course, is beautiful!!  I think her husband will be pleased…;)

♥ Carol & Lizette