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Here at Coco Boudoir we 100% honestly you are perfect just the way you are right now. But we don’t live in Lala Land and we realize that YOU may not agree with us. You may want to lose that last 10 lbs from the birth of you last baby or you may not be able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. That’s where Wendy comes in! This woman can be sure to whip you in to shape and in no time you’ll be running up the 5 flights of stairs of our studio to rock out your Coco Boudoir session to celebrate!

Meet Wendy Novotny!

Name: Wendy Novotny
AKA: Some of my participants call me “Wicked Wendy”
Hails from: La Salle, Manitoba
Name of your business: Wendy Novotny Training
When was your business revealed? January 2009

Why did you start your business? What inspires you? I started my business so I could live my passion for health and create my own schedule as a single mom.

What does you business offer? exercise programs, 1 on 1 in-home workouts, nutritional consultation, pre and post natal specialization, meditation, level 1 healing touch

Where do you see your business in the future? I would like to have a small studio with a space for fitness, lectures, and yoga as well as a huge kitchen to help get people involved in clean, unprocessed eating.

How do you balance work/family? Luckily, my work is what i love so when i’m “working” it is a lot of fun and incredibly fullfilling. Being a single mom I schedule all my work around my two boys’ school and activities. If my boys are happy, I’m happy, and everything falls into place perfectly.

Now for a few “fun” questions…

Skills: creative, experienced
Challenges: I‘m ball and chained to the road… traffic, speed limits, parking spots, snow clearing trucks and construction make a travelling trainers schedule at times, tough to maintain
Chips or chocolate? chocolate. lindt 70% cocoa. 1 piece a day.
Secret weapon: bosu and a band. limitless workouts.

Heroes: anyone who puts their mind to something good
Enemies/pet peeves: the lack of fresh quick food choices
Can’t live without: spicy cinnamon gum; coffee; nuts and dried fruit
Little known fact: quinoa (an ancient grain) is a complete protein and carbohydrate. superfood!

Thanks for dropping by Wendy!

♥Carol & Lizette

{All inclusive boudoir experience} winnipeg boudoir photography

With all the recent inquiries, we thought we would clarify one of our most asked questions.

“What’s all included in your session fee?”

We are an all inclusive Boudoir company, meaning pretty much everything to make your session luxurious, unique and memorable is all included. Similar to your wedding day, it’s a once in a lifetime experience (although we hope you come back for more) so why not treat yourself to the utmost in pampering? You deserve to have everything included on your special day.  Here’s a list of what we offer in our session fee prices:

  • The location.  Our downtown studio boasts 2000 sq ft of space for you to rock your session!
  • Hair. Our stylist will make your coif swoon.
  • Makeup. Our artist will give you a celebrity worthy look.
  • Accessories and a few non intimate clothing items. We encourage you to bring your own things as well to truly personalize your images.
  • Bubbly! We provide champagne/wine, juice and water.  You are more than welcome to bring your own selection to help take the edge off.
  • Time and talent of 2 photographers. What’s better than 1 professional photographer? 2!
  • Access to your own 7 day password protected online gallery.
  • And lastly, the experience of lifetime (not sure you can put a price tag on that.)

Prints products and digital negatives are sold separately. Please inquire for our full price list.  We have scoured all over North America to bring you the highest quality products . We can’t wait for you to have your very own.  Book your session today!

{Meet Coco Boudoir’s hairstylist} – winnipeg boudoir photography

Eek! We missed Makeover Monday yesterday, but for good reasons.  We were out all day (and weekend) in search of new items for our studio and Coco Petite sessions being held this Saturday! We also wanted to have our newest staff member have a turn at Makeover Mondays, but thought it would be better to introduce her first.

So here she is! Meet Somboun, Coco Boudoir’s official hairstylist.

She is truly amazing at what she does!  When she’s not tending to Coco clients you can find her at Society Salon working her magic with her 4+ years of experience. You’re definitely in talented hands when you come to Coco Boudoir, I know this first hand as Somboun was my personal stylist before she moved to Germany in Dec of ’09. My poor hair was mourning its loss for over a year when we heard the exciting news that she was moving back! So needless to say I nabbed her for Coco the moment her feet hit Canadian soil.

Welcome to Coco Boudoir Somboun!  We couldn’t be more thrilled that you’re joining our team.  If anyone is looking for an extraordinary hairstylist of their very own make sure you contact Society to book Somboun.

Our Little Black Book {Winnipeg Boudoir Photography}

Next up in our Little Black Book is a husband and wife design team!

After being at the wedding show last month I so want to get married again…to the same man, of course;)…what’s out there now for wedding planning is really astounding.

You can plan such a personalized experience now that just wasn’t available 13 years ago.

From decor food and venue, to completely custom invitations,seating cards and menu cards. Which is what this couple specializes in!

Jessie & Tyler’s dream to start their business was conceived with the planning of their own wedding. How awesome is that??

Meet Jessie & Tyler of one plus one design + illustration.

Name: Jesse + Tyler Thiessen
AKA: Jesse + Tyler
Hails from: Husband-and-wife-team from Winnipeg, Manitoba
Name of your business: One Plus One Design + Illustration
When was your business revealed? Our website officially launched in co-ordination with our wedding this past June, however the business is still in development. Look for an official launch later this year!

Why did you start your business? The idea for our business was born out of our wedding. Both being graphic designers, we found it thrilling to be able to design our own wedding materials, from top to bottom, and make the wedding truly our own. Along the way we realized, ‘Hey, why not help others as well?’ Every couple is unique, and working with them to flush out their details can be an extremely rewarding process for everyone involved.

What inspires you? Everything! We find inspiration in just about everything we see, touch and do! We love old things such as vintage books, toys, tins, and matchbooks. We love to travel, and try to jump at every opportunity we have to explore somewhere new. On top of that, we have an incurable addiction to music and try to keep it nearby at all times.

What does you business offer? We offer a passionate and original approach to wedding stationary and day-of-details. This includes different aspects such as wedding invitations, table numbers, seating charts, menus and more. We love getting to know new people, and we help them inject their personalities into their wedding day through storytelling and great design.

Where do you see your business in the future? Our business is just getting off the ground, so hopefully soon we’ll see it flourishing with lots of happy couples:)

How do you balance work/family? So far, so good.

Now for a few “fun” questions…

Skills: Bargain hunting. Making a mean mixed tape
Challenges: Agreeing with each other! We are working on it…
Chips or chocolate? This is a hard one! Tyler: chips  Jessie chocolate, unless you’re talking about nachos, then I’d go with chips.
Secret weapon: Laser guns, and an eye for detail

Heroes: Batman & Robin. No wait, Bonnie & Clyde
Enemies/pet peeves: The joker & The law
Can’t live without: Music. Oh, and each other;)
Little known fact: Tyler: Used to tap dance / Jessie: has a budding green thumb

Thanks for visiting our blog Jesse + Tyler!

♥Carol & Lizette

Makeover Mondays ~ {Lizette} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography

We love providing our clients with different options of accessories.  It’s so exciting when our pieces match our clients outfits and personalities perfectly!  Our collection seems to keep growing weekly as I’m a bit obsessed with bling (lucky clients) and while we do seem to find quite a bit of our accessories at obvious places like jewelry stores, nothing makes us more giddy than finding that one of kind piece at vintage boutiques.

This week I decided to go with a soft peach and gold vintage look.  Can you believe that everything shown below was less than $55! (Finding a deal is a close second in the giddy department btw.) The necklace ($35) and earrings ($10)  can be found at Le Chateau.  The headband ($6) hales from Forever 21 and the ring ($4) is from Charlotte Russe.

We’ve got lots of accessories on hand for you to indulge yourself in, but we of course also encourage you to bring in some of your own pieces to add, and truly personalize your once in a lifetime experience. We hope to give you inspiration with our findings each week, so when it’s time for your session, you’ll be ready.

♥ Lizette

Our Little Black Book {Winnipeg Boudoir Photography}

Owning your own business is hard. Really hard! We need all the help we can get. And sometimes the best help can come from other businesses. We believe in supporting local business and wanted a way to help support other local Winnipeg businesses. So welcome to our first Little Black Book post!  This list is comprised of local Winnipeg businesses we think you may find has a product or service you may need! If you know of any other Winnipeg businesses who might like to be featured here give us a shout at

Our first entry in our Little Black Book is Carolyne Braid and her team at Winnipeg Pole Dancing.

After perusing their website for almost an hour, lol, I am convinced I can rock a pole like no other:) I watched the video’s and I can so do that!!! OK, not really. I’d have to practice A LOT to get anywhere near some of those women. But they look like a TON of fun AND an amazing work out. Check them out on FaceBook too!

The thing we love most about their philosophy is that their business is for the everyday woman. We love that, as that is our philosophy too.

Please meet Carolyn!

Name: Carolyne Braid
AKA: Babe
Hails from: Winnipeg
Name of your business: Pole Dancing Winnipeg
When was your business revealed? I first start in February 2005

Why did you start your business? What inspires you? I was watching Oprah and she featured Sheila Kelly who was offering pole dancing for the everyday woman. Intrigued, I looked locally to see if there was anyone offering it – there wasn’t. Undeterred I bought a pole and a DVD and began teaching myself. I began to notice some changes – I was becoming leaner, stronger and I felt sexier. This was something that needed to be shared with other women and I turned it into a business. I have now been in business for 6 years and have a part-time staff of ten.

What does you business offer? We offer products three distinct areas – FUN, FITNESS, and FANTASY.  FUN – parties to celebrate any occasion including pole dancing, chair dancing, burlesque and belly dancing. Parties can be hosted either in the privacy of someone’s home or in one of our many partners, including Canad Inns.
FITNESS – we have a comprehensive fitness program which is suitable for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels.
FANTASY – for those who wish to experience all that the pole has to offer, we offer fantasy classes where through private lessons, we will choreograph a full routine.

Where do you see your business in the future? The next step for the business is to open a formal location.

How do you balance work/family? My days start very early and end very late. Family is squished in between. I also make a point of finding one thing which is purely for me and non-work related. Currently I play on a dodgeball team!

Now for a few “fun” questions…

Skills: I make an amazing chocolate chip cookie
Challenges: I get far to intense and stressed out when I have too much on my plate.  A good workout usually helps re-set my mood. If not, I drink a redbull.
Chips or chocolate? Can’t it be both?    *of course it can Carolyne, of course it can;)*
Secret weapon: my smile
Enemies/pet peeves: people that don’t put an effort into how they look. Lack of personal pride drives me nuts
Heroes: Captain Catherine Janeway
Can’t live without: my morning work-out.
Little known fact: I used to call bingo.

Thanks so much Carolyne! …or can we call you Babe?  😉 It was so nice to “meet” you!

♥Carol & Lizette

Coco Boudoir is in love… {Winnipeg Boudoir Photography}

We know, we know, Valentine’s Day was yesterday but it’s only today that we are ready to announce that we are in love. Head-over-heals, pinch-us-we’re-dreaming, in love with our new STUDIO!!!

Yay! Now we have a space  for our sessions that we can use whenever we want and don’t have to lug a ton of props to every session.

Unfortunately, you will have to be patient for pictures but as soon as we can, we will have a full blog post with beautiful images of our gorgeous space with so much yummy light!

Beginning March 1st we will be calling our new studio home and we are so excited!

So excited, that we want to pass a gift on to a few lucky clients!

The first 3 Signature Coco sessions reserved and booked for the month of March will receive their session fee ($350) back as print credit*!

Contact us for all the details!

Call us asap to reserve your session as these will go fast!!

Makeover Mondays ~{Carol}~ Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

Brevity is the soul of lingerie.  ~Dorothy Parker

We are always on the look out for items to add to our “Coco Closet”. While we don’t provide all clothing and lingerie for your session we like having a few non-intimate items on hand to add.

When we saw this corset we could not resist buying it. It has our name written all over it!

So when you are ready to book your session, this will be a piece you can use!


Makeover Mondays ~ {Karrie} ~ Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

How does one define beauty?

Everyone has a different perspective on what they believe beauty to be. In my opinion beauty can not be defined.  We all know what “it” is, to see it, we want a piece of it, perhaps even want to reach out and touch it.  What about feeling it? Feeling it from within ones soul, where it’s natural allure and charm captivates beauty itself.  This is in every woman, with her own sense of what beauty is, her own individuality, a woman who is at ease with herself and knows who she is or strives to be.  That’s my personal take on the word we love to say and be.

May you always feel beauty,

♥Karrie Lee

inspire me {winnipeg boudoir photography}

With the Wedding Show behind us and the inquiries coming in from the show, we are a couple of busy women,lol! We are more than happy to answer any and all questions you have about booking and preparing for your session. But the #1 question that is coming at us this week is… “What do we wear??” Once your session is reserved you will receive a complete what to wear guide. And if you are still not sure bring a whole bunch of stuff and we will help you decide at the shoot.

For now I thought I would address some things about wardrobe over the next few days. Look for more posts this week and next about what to wear for your session!

I took inspiration for this post from Maxim Magazine. Their stylists and photographers are not all about the bikini’s and lingerie. Yup, there is lots of that there but I love how they use street clothes to add layers to their outfits. We think it adds a touch of intimacy and realism to your images. It also gives you something to do with your hands, unbuttoning a top, pulling on ties, wrapping material around your waist. That’s hot;) It also helps hide areas you don’t really want photographed. That is definitely a plus:)

We love pretty tops, henley tops, sweaters, and cardigans in a boudoir shoot. Trench coats, leather jackets, dresses too.

So go through your closet, look for lacy, shear, off the shoulder, chunky knit clothing that you already own!