Makeover Mondays ~ {Karrie} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography

I really wanted to talk brows for this entry; however I think we are far too eager for summer to come!! So let’s talk bronzer’s baby!  A sun kissed look can be worn all year round, especially with our dreadful long winters… but the look of a bronze goddess has more focus in spring and summer. This look is lovely on everyone, just be sure to choose the right shades appropriate for your skin tone. If you want to do this look for day, keep it simple, for more of an evening look; don’t be afraid to experiment with a bit more highlight and some eye liner.

Start with your regular covering up regimen – foundation/concealer/powder (use all for a beautifully concealed finished look.)  If your happy with the look of your complexion and know that the next added steps will give you your desired look, proceed to step two.  If your determined for your bronzed goddess look, read on ~Mix a bit of loose gold shimmer to your foundation, M.A.C pigments blend beautifully and a little bit goes a long way-‘Naked’ is a nice universal choice. Or you can add a dollop of M.A.C strobe cream to your foundation, a beautiful luminescent cream that gives a lovely glow to the complexion.

  1. Blend and dust bronzer all over face (I will reveal fav brushes/tools in another entryJ) with a large powder brush.  Apply more on the temples and on the higher Plaines of your cheekbones. Be sure to blend bronzer into hairline, jawline and even a bit on your ears and of course neck shoulders and chest, if they are exposed.
  2. Dust a peachy/tawny/terracotta type shade onto apples of cheeks. You can also add a highlight on the temples and slightly above your brows, as though you’re dusting it where the sun would kiss your face. Be careful when layering your highlight with your bronzer, you don’t want to look like the golden boy 😉
  3. Add that same highlight or a choice of a warm lighter gold shade to inner corner of eyes and the arch of your brows. In this step you may want to fill in your brows!(if your wanting a more beachy look be more casual with the defining.
  4. Blend a shade of shimmery bronze eye shadow on your lid up to your crease.  You can choose to keep the look of your eyes simple beachy, sexy and natural. OR for a sultry look, just add black or dark brown liner across your bottom inner tear line and the base of your bottom lashes. Perhaps you would like your eyes to be more interesting, try shades of peach, burgundy, coppers, sometimes even navy and greens look amazing!
  5. Swipe black mascara on those lashes.
  6. To complete your look give those lips a sheer shade of peach or bronze lipstick or gloss.

♥ Karrie

Makeover Mondays ~ {Somboun} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography

Do you ever wish that you could just roll out of bed and have full voluptuous locks of hair that all those Victoria Secret models have as they strut down the catwalk?  Well, it’s most likely never going to happen for any of us even if you’re blessed with thick long hair. The reality is that Heidi, Gisele, Miranda and Marisa don’t just wake up with beautiful full locks of hair as well. They are just like us women except their legs are miles long and there might be a few other differences that we don’t really need to get into on a Monday afternoon. All you need is a little bit of time and a few tools to help you achieve that volume aka BACKCOMBING or “teasing.”

TOOLS YOU’LL NEED: Tail comb, bristle brush, firm or extra firm hairspray, and shine spray.

DON’TS: Don’t backcomb your hair when wet because it  will cause breakage and damage your hair. Don’t use too much hairspray because it will weight it down which is the opposite of what you want.

1. Starting at the crown (top of your head when you look into a mirror straight on) Take a 1 inch section and over direct the hair so it’s going towards your forehead. Holding it with a tight grip at the ends, take the comb or bristle brush and come back 3-5 inches towards your scalp and scooping out once you’re getting close to the scalp: note if you go up and down with your brush then you’re only creating backcombing but then taking it out again. The scooping is extremely important.

2. Once you get the desired volume that you want then spray your hair with a firm hold spray and gently  lay it on the top of your head. Repeat the sections underneath. I normally like to do 3-4 sections of 1 inch each.

3. Now you have a middle section that is backcombed but that’s no place to stop unless you’re wanting to look like Snooki. Take sections on the side of your head so the 3 sections look like a horse shoe. This will balance out the volume of your backcombing.

4.  Now that you found the desired volume from the backcombing, you’ll need to slightly brush out some of that backcombing. Gently brush it out so it’s smooth but don’t brush out all of it. When you have no kinks or visual knots then spray it with some hairspray and some shine spray to finish it off. If the backcombing loses its volume then just scrunch it up with your fingers and this will help to bring it back to life again.

Give these tips a try and you’ll be feeling like Gisele or Marisa soon!

xoxo Somboun

{Our Little Black Book} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

Today’s featured business is Splurge Beauty. Do you remember Karrie’s Makeover Monday post regarding how to get full beautiful eyelashes with falsies? Well Splurge Beauty takes that a step up by offering eyelash extensions (amongst other things) check it out.

Name: Siuleen Thai
Name of your business: Splurge Beauty
When was your business revealed? July 2007

Why did you start your business? I started my business for every girl that’s ever played with her mother’s lipstick.  I wanted to introduce a fun place for women to shop that invited shoppers to experience and play with cosmetics, without being intimidated by products behind glass showcases.  We encourage taking risks, being creative and letting yourself have a pamper day!

What inspires you? Color inspires me every day. When it’s all said and done I want to know that I lived in color–experienced every shade and was brilliant, vibrant and saturated with life.

What does you business offer? We’re really known for our eyelash extensions.  We apply semi-permanent individual lash extensions one-by-one to each of your own lashes. They are light weight, you shower with them and nobody can tell they’re not your own!  All the while giving you longer, fuller, thicker lashes– they’re amazing.

Splurge also carries our very own in-house cosmetics line where you can create your own lip gloss.  Yes, that’s right, you choose the shade of color, mix pigments, add shimmers, and even flavour your gloss!  It’s all up to you and it’s uniqely yours, just as it should be.

We offer makeup artistry services (everything from bridal to body painting) and offer pamper parties for stagettes, birthdays, etc.

Where do you see your business in the future? I’ve always loved a challenge.  We’ve been involved with special projects before and as we continue to grow into the future I would love to get more involved with special makeup artistry requests and grow our services menu.
How do you balance work/family? Spin classes for balancing stress and Bribery with oreos tends to keep everyone happy. 🙂

Now for a few “fun” questions…

Skills: Only certified and directory listed Xtreme Lashes stylist in Manitoba
Challenges: Trying to find a parking spot every morning near work
Chips or chocolate? Chocolate…mmmmm..with a side of more chocolate!
Secret weapon: Oreos (always keep them handy, no one can resist

Heroes: My mom

Enemies/pet peeves: People who talk in steam rooms at the gym

Can’t live without: Carmex and my dog Shabam!

Little known fact: Once had a freelance job airbrushing nude models (both men and women) at 6 am on a weekend morning.  This job NEVER gets boring!

Here’s a great before and after.

So if you weren’t born with amazing eyelashes, be sure to check out Spurge Beauty.

Thanks so much for sharing with us Siuleen!

♥ Lizette & Carol

{Exclusive Grand Opening Sessions} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

In honor of our new studio, we will be holding exclusive grand opening sessions!

Just in time for the wedding season, you can now book champagne parties at an amazing price! Of course, you don’t have to a have a bridal party to take advantage of this event, a girl’s night out is just as great of an excuse to round up all your gal pals for a day of pampering!

Best yet, as always, Coco Boudoir offers only all inclusive sessions so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Our Champagne Parties are priced at $150 per person and includes the following:

  • Studio location
  • Hair & Makeup
  • 20 min session
  • 1 outfit + draped sheet look
  • Champagne
  • Coco Boudoir invitations
  • You pick the date
  • Approximately 15 hand touched images proofed in a 7 day online password protected gallery
  • Access to our exclusive client lounge where you can get the 411 on everything we have to offer including our what to wear guide and our how to prepare for the big night out
  • Minimum 5 women required (hostess + 4 women) & maximum 8 women (hostess + 7 women)
  • Prints/products/digital files are NOT included in session fee
  • Minimum order purchase of $150 per person required

And it just keeps getting better, as the hostess you receive a free session! How’s that for a perk? All you have to do is invite 4-7 of your friends and your session’s on us.

Our Studio is conveniently located downtown amongst some of the best nightlife that Winnipeg has to offer. Since you’re all dolled up already, why not make a night of it and venture to one of the local night clubs or posh restaurants?

Now, go call your girlfriends, then call us to book your session today!

♥ Lizette & Carol

Makeover Mondays ~ {Lizette} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography

Back to accessories this monday!  My last post had some items from Forever21, but with its recent launch here in Winnipeg (Polo Park) I thought I would keep it all Forever21 this week.  Not only do we heart this fab store because of it’s awesome prices, but we find it’s such a great fit with Coco’s brand.  There are SO many vintage inspired hair accessories that we could shop all day and never get bored (and that’s only the hair stuff, never mind the shoes, jewelry and clothing!)  Since I went with a soft palette last time, I thought I would go the other direction this time and show all black.

We think any of these would be a classy finishing touch to your ensemble. All 3 headbands can be found on Forever21’s website and are all under $9!

♥ Lizette

{Miss M} – winnipeg boudoir photography

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness.”

~ Audrey Hepburn

Normally we post a sneak peek within a few days after a session, but when M gave us permission after the shoot to use her images for all to see, we just couldn’t decide which to show. We skimmed over a few and were like “these are my favs” then we got to the next set and announced “okay, these are my favs,” and so it continued until last night, when we edited them all lol. So here is just a glimpse of what took us forever to decide. (such a terrible problem to have hey?) You can be sure that we’ll be posting more of M’s pics, I mean how could we not?

Thanks for letting us show you how beautiful you are right now M!

Makeover Mondays ~{Carol}~ Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

Yeah, yeah. I know it’s Tuesday. Forgive me would you? How about if I show you pretty, beautiful, sensual lingerie? Would that help make it up to you?

One of my favourite places to look at inspiration for lingerie for boudoir shoots is definitely Fredericks of Hollywood. What I love most about this site is

1: the prices. They are very reasonable, especially for some items that, well, you won’t really be wearing for all that long,lol!

2: variety. They have such a wide range of styles, from soft pretty and delicate to hot and sexy.

3. and more variety! Not only do they have a huge variety of lingerie but they have a huge variety of other items as well. Accessories, shoes, and clothing.

You really cannot go wrong shopping for your boudoir session here.

Here are a few of my favourite outfits, all available at FOH, that would seriously make us swoon if you showed up to your shoot in (hint,hint). Enjoy!


{Our Little Black Book} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

We have gotten such a great response from our Little Black Book posts! Thanks so much for the e-mails and comments. If you would like to see your business featured here please e-mail us at

We are truly inspired by the success and effort of other businesses and hope we can continue to “pay it forward”

Next up in our Little Black Book is Jenna of  Jenna Rae Cakes. Jenna’s website is under construction right now but you can also hook up with her on Facebook!

These creations-and make no mistake- they are art, put any of my home made attemps to shame… it’s why she’s the professional I guess;)

From beautiful delicate wedding cakes to fun colourful birthday cakes, Jenna’s work is stunning.

*Sigh* Told ya they were gorgeous…

Meet Jenna!

Name: Jenna Illchuk
AKA: Jenna Rae
Hails from: Lockport, Manitoba
Name of your business: Jenna Rae Cakes
When was your business revealed? November 2010

Why did you start your business? I’ve always loved baking cakes and always did for my friend’s birthdays over the years, but never took it very seriously. Then one day I really wanted to try a fondant class but couldn’t register in time, so I bought some fondant and taught myself. Needless to say I was hooked! I’m so driven to make this my career because I love it so much, and it’s very rewarding for me to see people’s reactions to my cakes.

What inspires you? I am inspired by designs on invitations, wedding dresses, lace, colour combinations and flowers…pretty much anything beautiful! Whenever I see something, I think, “How canI turn that into a cake?” I love being able to take a vision that my client has and turn it into a completely custom and edible piece of art.

What does you business offer? Custom cakes for any occasion! From birthdays to weddings to anniversaries, every occasion deserves a cake!

Where do you see your business in the future? I would love to open a bakery in Winnipeg, and then eventually expand to other parts of Canada. I picture my bakery as more of a cake studio, with cakes displayed all around, and other little treats people can buy when they stop in.

How do you balance work/family? It’s been tough with finishing my degree at the University of Manitoba, working as a server and making cakes, but I’ve always been good at multi-tasking, that skill has definitely come in handy!

Now for a few “fun” questions…

Skills: creating, sketching, and skating!
Challenges: finding time to sleep
Chips or chocolate? Chips…Oddly enough I don’t care for chocolate
Secret weapon: my kitchen aid mixer (thanks Mom and Dad!)

Heroes: my parents, the best role models anyone could ask for 🙂
Enemies/pet peeves: my small oven
Can’t live without: my sketchbook- I need it on me at all times in case  I get a great idea for a cake 🙂
Little known fact: I have an identical twin sister who is so talented and who’s opinion I value above all others.

Thanks so much for visiting us Jenna!

♥ Lizette & Carol

Makeover Monday ~ {Karrie} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography

Lash and Dash!

If you were not blessed with long, lush lashes, why not try falsies?!  With the proper application, and a style that suits you, your lashes will look pretty and natural, and when people ask “are those your lashes?!” reply with “it’s a new mascara!” 😉

There are many different hints and tips for the application of false lashes, you will probably feel as though you wished you had three more hands to help you, but with these tips and practice, you should no problems.

  1. Get your “station” ready. A Q-tip cut in half, lash glue, (“Duo” is my fav, available at shoppers or M.A.C) clean grooming scissors and tweezers, (if you would rather use tweezers than handle lashes with finger tips) and a mirror. Either way, have all your tools ready to go on a towel or Kleenex for sanitary purposes. Don’t forget to wash your hands!
  2. Try sitting at your kitchen table, you may prefer to stand looking in a mirror on the wall. If you choose to be at a table, have your mirror flat on the table, or if it has a frame, angle it upwards, almost as though you’re looking up your nose.
  3. Have your entire look complete including mascara and liner. (Save blush and lips for a further step below) Having liquid liner on the base of your top lashes will conceal any mishaps you may have with your first few tries, the liner gives you a guide line to follow, even pros use this trick for added drama and or quicker application.
  4. Remove the fresh lashes from the case, put them up to lash line to be sure they measure correctly; you want them to match up with your natural lashes.  If they are too wide, snip off the inner corner (usually has the shorter length), just a few hairs at a time.  Be sure to do the same for both eyes, as most eyes are not exactly the same.
  5. Now you’re ready to go! Squeeze out a bit of glue on to the back of your hand or a Kleenex, about the size amount of an end of a pencil eraser.  Hold one lash strip with thumb and finger, with your other hand, dip your cut q-tip, (non cotton side) in the glue and swipe the base of the lashes with a thin coat of glue.  While your holding the lash strip, fan it slightly a few times to air dry the glue, this will ensure the lash isn’t too slippery when applying the lash.
  6. Now you’re goin’ in! Follow the angle of your natural lashes, lightly place the lash in the middle of your lash line. Stay as close to your natural lash line as possible without actually applying the lashes on your natural lash.  There is a little groove between your lid and lash line where the lashes can comfortable be applied if you tuck in slightly. Take the other side of your cut q-tip (cotton side) and use as your tool to press down the base of the false lash corner to corner, press entire  length of your eye to follow the base of the false lash if needed.  You have a few seconds to adjust if needed before the glue dries. Open eye lid to get “really in there” to achieve the most natural look.
  7. Let your lashes sit for a minute or two to let the glue set, at this time you can apply your lips and blush.  Once your lashes are set, apply another coat of liner to conceal the base of the false lash.   Now you will want to curl your lashes (you won’t be wearing falsies every day, it’s ok to curl after mascara sometimes, just don’t make a habit of it, as it can cause breakage to your natural lashes.)  Leaving the curling to the last few steps binds the natural lash with the false lash to achieve a natural feel and look. You also may want touch up your shadow. Then last step for added drama apply a bit of mascara to your new full set of lash to bring all the lashes together and hide any shadow that may have fallen on your lashes.

There you have it!  Have fun fluttering you new flirty lashes you gorgeous babe!

Depending on your natural lashes, you may want to hold off curling until the last step, yes, this is usually a “no no” seeing how curling lashes before mascara prevents any damage and breakage.  You may have to try one time curling before, and the next try after.  Some lashes become too curly if lashes are curled before the falsies, and it is difficult to get the false lash at the right angle for the best results.