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HERE ARE A FEW IDEAS FOR THOSE UNSURE OR JUST NEED A FEW POINTERS. So many directions to take come Halloween! Hot, scary, sexy, wacky, be them all this Halloween!

FACE ART – play up your eyes, even more so than ever before, use four or more different shades of shadows. Get creative with the shape of your eyes, there really are no limits. Create swirls and designs with glitter liner/liquid liner. Use shimmer, sparkles and jewels glued on with lash glue. For a cool effect have more designs on one eye/side of face than other.

MAKEUP MASK-create an outline for your makeup mask using scotch tape. Fill in using cream shadow or cream makeup. My fav-“Paint Pots’ M.A.C Cosmetics. Get creative using jewels and other makeup accessories.

WHITENED FACE- for many different ideas- Purchase a white Halloween face cream, apply like a foundation. Set using a light ivory or many skin tones lighter than your natural complexion. This will make the face look more realistic, rather than just a clownish white- unless of course you are in fact being a clown!

BRUISES/DARK UNDER EYES/ BLACK EYES-use matte deep purple, greys, moss greens and beige/cream shadows, or cream makeup- different textures and shades will create a realistic bruise effect. Dabbing with your ring finger creating more opaque areas will add depth and realism as well.

of course adding blood,scars, dentures, contacts,wigs,lashes and many more fun things will and more fun, drama, scare or glamour to your look!

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Makeover Mondays ~ {Somboun} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography


Ombre hair is one of my most favorite hair styles of 2011 because of its effortless, and chic appearance. Celebrities such as Drew Berrymore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lauren Conrad, and Alexa Chung are some of the many ladies in Hollywood that are sporting this Ombre do. It has many people questioning whether these ladies became too lazy for a touch-up, or if they’re doing it on purpose? Well it is definitely done on purpose! It is hip, easy, unique, and more importantly can be derived from any hair color.

What is this messy yet sexy look? Ombre hair is accomplished by creating a dark root and then extending downward to a lighter tip. It can be subtle or dramatic, and glazed with a different tone at the tip. I prefer the the subtle look most of the time but the dramatic Ombre looks amazing on a rocker chick. The Ombre style is low maintenance and can save a few bucks at the salon.

I’m currently wearing this trend right now and loving every inch of it. My tip is to put a few highlights framing the face so it doesn’t look too grown out. Call Society Hair Salon for your consultation or appointment for the Ombre look today @ 947-3766. Here are a few celebrities that became Ombre Savvy.

Makeover Mondays ~ {Karrie} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography

Bow to the Brow

No matter the look you are going for- trying or not, brows are part of the main focus of your entire look; they are the frames of the windows to your soul. Saying that, give them some love, wont you!!??
Tools & tips needed for shaping:

  • I prefer slanted tipped tweezers, but some prefer pointed tip- to save a few bucks, Revlon has a good tweezer as well. If you got, be sure they are clean and sanitary.
  • Brow brush or washed mascara wand ( of old mascara of course)
  • Try a white liner or foundation to cover the unwanted growth; this will give you your guideline.
  • Sit outside with a hand held mirror; you will be able to see all those little peach fuzzies that are easy to miss.
  • Brow pencil or angle brush and brow shadow or a matte eye shadow
  • Using a shade lighter than your hair color more often than not, is the best way to go


  • 1. Begin plucking from inner face outwards. Follow your natural arch. Under your brow. If you are unsure of where to begin, use your brow brush as a tool and put on side of nose upward to inner brow, this is where the brow should begin for symmetry. You want your brows to frame your eyes and come down toward your nose. But avoid a uni- brow, and tad pole or hockey stick shape
  • 2. Pluck your hair in the way they grow- this is less painful and will ensure the re growth grows back flat not outward
  • 3. Keep natural length and shape, you are just removing what looks like re- growth
  • 4. Groom your brows sweeping upwards trim them if they are looking high and long, you may just want to trim the inner part of brow.

Daily grooming

  • 1. Groom the brows with your daily brow attention as well. Use your brow brush or washed mascara wand 😉 Some like to use a brow gel, looks fresh and opens up the eyes use your gel at the last step
  • 2. Using your brow shader (pencil or shadow with angle brush) use the tool in light sketch like motions for a natural look, rather than dark harsh lines, or even worse, one long dark line.
  • 3. Use your brow brush to lighten and or blend if necessary, you may even need to use a sponge or q -tip to take way some shader.

Good luck brow beauties J
Feel free to book me for your how to session, if you still need guidance

{Signature Girl Samara} – winnipeg boudoir photography

Our first Coco Boudoir Signature Girl session was a success! We had so much fun planning the theme for this one as we get many brides-to-be who come in for sessions but obviously don’t want to give away their little secret before the big day. This was our chance to get to share some of those ideas with you! And what a better way to share that than to capture some video from the shoot and create our first movie. We will be sharing more images from this session of course, but first, enjoy Coco Boudoir’s first production! We will definitely be doing more of these…and maybe not JUST for our signature girls;)

Makeover Monday {winnipeg boudoir photography}

We’ve mentioned before how you don’t only need to bring lingerie to your boudoir session. We’ve mentioned jackets, sweaters & tops…but how about a bathing suit?

Now before you runaway screaming at the thought of picking out a bathing suit, hear me out:)

A good bathing suit will diminish many of your perceived flaws and highlight your attributes. They are fun and flirty and sexy. Think classic, fun and colourful. Go to a store that has someone who will help you choose the right suit for your body and you will look amazing in it.

Here are a few of my favourite suits from Victoria Secret.


Makeover Mondays ~{Lizette}~ Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

One of my fav accessories is cage veils! They are so scrumptiously vintage and are back in style. What I love even more is being able to find them local and custom made. This is the part where I introduce Boutique Unique, a fabulous place here in Winnipeg where you can buy custom made jewelry and accessories like the cage veil seen below. We’ve had a few brides to be request one, so looks like I get to go shopping * squeal * I’ll be meeting you soon Brenda!


Makeover Mondays ~ {Karrie} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography

Quick face for any occasion

Ever wonder if you’re going to look like a diva at the gym or grocery store? Well I got tips for you.

Here are my 5 steps to a less high maintenance version of you!

  1. Concealer- under eyes, eyelids and areas in which you need covering ( blemishes, sunspots, or creases around the nostrils)
  2. Mineral powder- large powder brushes your face and neck starting inward at your nose toward your hair line or jawbone. Mineral powder gives a natural luminous and matte finish that gives an airbrushed illusion. And it’s good for your complexion with all the added minerals!
  3. To add life to your complexion PLEASE use a shade of pink or peach blush on your cheekbones normally there maybe contouring AND highlighting to complete a look, but seeing how this is a quick face we shall choose to only use blush.
  4. Apply a coat of mascara or two, an extra coat on the outer corner of lashes if you have an extra few seconds.
  5. Now for your sweep of gloss, gloss gives a fresh youthful look for any age of lips. No liner or lipstick necessary for the quick face.

If you feel you want extra pizzazz, add highlight to the higher plains of your cheekbones, inner corner of your eyes, and in the arch of your brows.

There’s your quick face in five easy non diva steps! Have fun! and look Fabulous!!!

Take on the world you beautiful girl!!


~Karrie lee~

Makeover Mondays ~ {Somboun} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography

It’s Wednesday? Really? Yikes, a bit far behind on Makeover Monday, but it’s here none the less. Take it away Somboun!


So the topic is on HAIR EXTENSIONS today. Do you see celebrities like Jennifer Lopez or the Kardashians with their natural, full bodied hair? They are beautiful creatures but their hair ain’t natural, it’s extensions. There are so many different types of hair extensions out there such as clip-ins, loop n’ lock, and the list goes on. The latest hair extensions are called TAPE EXTENSIONS!!! They come in different lengths, shades, and are extremely light weight. They don’t use any heat so it’s not nearly as damaging as heat fusion extensions. They take anywhere from 30mins-45mins to apply only!! They can last up to 4months and can be reused up to 3-4times depending on how you take care of them.

I’m getting mine done in a few weeks but here’s a picture of a friend that got her’s done before her Vegas trip.
Drop by Society for a consultation, 120 Donald or call 947-3766.

xoxo Somboun