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Finally, our long awaited interview with Mona of Mokada jewelry! Mona has MANY years experience in the jewelry industry, but just recently brought her talents to downtown Winnipeg, opening her own exquisite shop for all jewelry lovers to drool over. She is a very vivacious woman, who can accomplish anything she sets her mind to and has a heart as big as her creative genius. Her business offers everything from custom made jewelry to marriage licence, so if you are needing anything in this department, make sure to check out Mokada.


Name: Mona Stott

AKA: Mona

Hails from: Niverville, Mb

Name of your business: Mokada custom design jewellery studio

When was your business revealed? October 3 2011

Why did you start your business? I wanted create and design with individuals to meet their needs and not be limited by the overpriced traditional options. Therefore it was the most logical thing to do.

What inspires You? I absolutely love the industry. I love meeting new people and helping them!

What does your business offer? Custom design, buy gold, insurance claims, cleaning-repairs, appraisals, sizing, engraving, marriage license, certified diamonds.

Where do you see your business in the future? We will expand into a larger location on Waterfront with numerous designers using our state of the art design programs still offering great quality and affordability, which will make us the jeweller everyone will want to come to.

How do you balance work/family? I don’t sweat the small stuff.

Now for a few fun questions.

Skills: Very creative, thinking outside the box

Challenges: Like every business owner, restricting themselves to 8hrs of work a day.

Chips or chocolate? Salty chips with pepsi is my kryptonite

Secret weapon: Katelyn

Enemies/pet peeves: Having to live without…as life is too short

Heroes: My children

Can’t live without: A glass of red wine after a hard day.

Little known fact: I am an avid runner


Thanks so much Mona!

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We are so happy when a client allows us to share her images. We feel like we’ve shown her how beautiful she is and she’s ready to show the world,lol. Now we know not everyone is ok with images of themselves going online, which is why they only go up with permission. And one of the options is only allowing non-identifying images. Whichever a client chooses is perfectly fine with us.

This bride to be was awesome to work with and we hope her groom was surprised by his amazing wedding gift!

We’ve had a few women allow us this option over the past little while so we will be showing a few new images in the new year.

January will be a busy month for us.

We are planning for the Wonderful Wedding Show in January and our search for the next Signature Girl will be announced VERY soon!

Bring on 2012!

♥Lizette & Carol

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Show casing pearls, diamonds and exquisite engagement rings is J. The ladies of Mokada are bringing pearls back and can design the perfect piece of jewelry that reflects that vintage feel.

psssst gentlemen, I know it may sound early, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about Valentines Day! Perhaps a Coco session? A unique piece from Mokada?…Both? You can thank us later ♥

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Last monday we announced our collaboration with Mokada, a custom design jewelry boutique here in Winnipeg.  We were more than excited to team up with them for the second time and look forward to the many more in the future.

K is showing off the Makuti line. These pieces are ready for purchase, but should you be dreaming up something you can’t find in a store, Mokada can create it for you.

Make sure you check back, we have a lot more to show!

Makeover Mondays ~ {Katelyn} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography

Things have been a little quiet around here lately, (big apologies!) we are gearing up for the much anticipated wedding show, making some changes to our blog and website and have been meeting up with some local businesses to help get you ready for everything you could possibly need for a your once in a lifetime experience with us!

Here is the start of some of our collaborations. Danielle came to us last December for a Petite session (which she rocked!) and kept us in mind when she, her mother Mona and Katelyn launched Mokada, a custom jewelry design studio. Anything you can dream up, these ladies can create! Be sure to check out their website here  or better yet visit them at their beautifully modern storefront located at 1-530 Waterfront dr. We recently photographed our last Petite session using jewelry from Mokada, and can not wait to use her exquisite pieces again for our upcoming Signature Girl shoot (insert 2 squealing girls here). The items Mona brought in were replicas of her grandmothers vintage collection. (we knew Mokada was a perfect fit from that moment on) So we could gush about them all day or you can just check them out for yourselves.

And now the fun part, we decided who better to feature accessories for Makeover Mondays than Mokada? So representing them will be Katelyn. I (Lizette) will now be blurbing about shoes for Makeover Mondays! Before Katelyn shows off her mad skills, here is what Danielle had to say about her.

“The only thing more exciting than announcing our affiliation with Coco Boudoir is introducing you to Katelyn Daman, our in house jewelry associate and designer. Katelyn has a background in marketing and has recently completed her internship with a renowned modeling agency.  Combining these skills with an unrivalled passion for style and an eye for the latest trends Katelyn is a valuable asset to our team!


An unexpected resurgence of what was “grandma’s” jewelry is taking flight this fall.  What was once considered a classy style for only the affluent has now become a coveted eye catcher for any woman rocking any style.  Be it something borrowed for your wedding, a subtle feminine touch to offset the power suit in the board room, or the accessory to step up an otherwise casual outfit pearls are back and are as pretty as ever!

*photo of katelyn used with permission by Virulent Valmont Photography

Makeover Mondays ~ {Karrie} ~ Winnipeg boudoir photography

Karrie Lee’s Lust Haves for Winter Survival

CLINQUE MOISTURE SURGE facial spray & M.A.C cosmetics FIX+ :

for a quick ‘pick me up”, setting your makeup or spraying on more moisture for dehydrated skin.  These sprays got ya covered.

BIOTHERM’S SKIN-ERGETIC facial moisturizer:

 an anti-oxidant rich moisturizer suited for all skin types.  This cream with enlighten your senses and feed your skin with what it needs during the coldest of temperatures. Also available in a “rich” formula.  


 Lanolin and vitamin E blended as a balm in a tube!  Fantastic for lips, cuticles, heals and elbows. Also available in a stick for easy application on the go!  I also put this on the kids’ cheeks before winter outdoor play! 


available in exfoliant, shower gel, body oil and moisturizer.  An amazing body care regimen for dry winter skin.  Your skin is thirsty! treat it well, start by caring for it in the shower, sluff off that dry layer with the exfoliant.  Follow with the after care.  I especially love this line due to its rich treatment to dehydrated skin and the ability to not feel congested or oily on the skin.


This last one is very important, and I can’t stress enough what drinking plenty of water can do for your body, plus it’s FREE! So drink up!


{Makeover Monday} winnipeg boudoir photography

This post was inspired by Karrie’s Halloween makeup tips!

Want to add a touch of Halloween to your Coco Boudoir session?

Here’s a few tips to keep it classy:)

#1 Keep it meaningful. Use themes that are meaningful to your loved one. An animal lover? A sports fanatic? Start there.

#2 Don’t go overboard. These images are still all about you! So keep it simple sweetie!

#3 BUT accessories can add just the touch to you need to set the mood. Less is more though;)

Here are a few outfits from

For the animal lover

For the movie buff – Marilyn inspired

For the sports fanatic