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You know that type of personality that just makes you want to go above and beyond for them? That is Miss T. She is so amazingly sweet. And then after meeting her then fiancee and you realize he’s just as amazingly sweet and it makes you sigh because they’re just perfect together. I can’t tell you how much I love seeing that. To top off the great experience I had working with T, she also gave permission to share her photos and a testimonial that put an instant smile on my face.

“I was referred to the wonderful Coco Boudoir photography from a friend I had met through work, who had just done photos for her wedding & told me all about how amazing of an experience it was. When the time came for me to get married a year later, I instantly decided that I wanted to give my husband Boudior photos on the night before our wedding as a wedding gift.

Lizette was very accommodating with scheduling my appointment, as I am from outside the Winnipeg area. I booked the shoot giving myself a few months to get in some hard workouts. I know they recommend having photos done just as you are so that they are more authentic and true. I am all for being healthy in your skin, but I wanted to use the shoot as a goal for me to work really hard for & help get in shape for the wedding (win win)!
The day of shoot I was super nervous. With my suitcase full of goodies, I trucked up the long stairway to the studio. Once I was inside, I wasn’t sure if I was still out of breath because of the stairs or because of my nerves! The team was really quick to make me feel super comfortable. I felt super glamorous and beautiful after the stylists were done working their magic on me. Everyone in the studio was super chatty throughout the whole process and helped take my mind off of my lingering nerves.
The photoshoot was way less painful then the picture I had painted in my head. I started to really get into it! I remember feeling very awkward when not smiling at the camera for some of the poses, but when it came time to look at the photo proofs, those photos were actually my favourites.
My advise to a woman who decides to do this would be to forget about your insecurities and just go with it. Lizette was fantastic at positioning me in poses that felt natural & easy. I absolutely loved the studio setting. The lightening was great, the furniture was beautiful & I loved how there were so many possibilities to create a great photo.
I decided to bring my husband along to view the photo’s when they were edited and ready for viewing. He had a permanent smile on his face the entire time, and for me, that smile was worth all the hard work and anxieties I endured in preparation for my photoshoot.
We found it very difficult to narrow down the photos to just a few, but looking at them now, we absolutely love the final album. The photos definitely a bit pricey but I looked at it as an investment & a great lifetime keepsake.
I would absolutely recommend Coco Boudior (who is crazy talented by the way), & I would suggest to anyone who is slightly considering doing these photos to DO IT! You may have insecurities with your body now, but imagine looking back at these photos when you are in your 80’s or 90’s….you will think “damn I had it going on”!
Love yourself & embrace the skin you are in. You will see yourself in a totally new way after you view your album.
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