{Permission to go BIG} – Winnipeg boudoir photographers

I have so many clients that shy away from the idea of having an image from their boudoir session blown up. I have been given many reasons,”I would feel so vain, I don’t need to see myself everyday, especially that huge, what if my in laws/kids see it…”
I couldn’t disagree with you more.
I myself have 3 large photos of me across from my bed.
On the days where I feel less than perfect, drained from the stresses of being a mom, running my own business, being pulled in way too many directions, it gives me a little boost of “damn straight I’m that awesome!” It’s like having a little cheerleader whenever you see it.
I wake up every morning mirroring the empowerment I felt from that day.
I get to see the best me everyday and I love it. It’s ok to give yourself permission to do the same.
If you’re hesitant about the kiddos and in laws seeing it, hang your art in your ensuite, or choose a photo that’s more non-identifying or abstract.
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