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    Welcome to Coco Boudoir! I am a Winnipeg luxury boudoir photographer and have a team of amazing women ready to make you look & feel beautiful! My style is soft, vintage, romantic and classy and is for every woman of every shape, size, age and ethnicity. Please check back frequently as the blog is always being updated with our latest work & new info, or follow Coco on Facebook or Instagram.

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{an intimate & extravagant gift} – Winnipeg boudoir photographers

I had the delight of hand delivering this client’s disc of images to her hubby the morning they were getting married. We like to think a product from our company is the perfect groom’s gift. Beautiful images of his beautiful bride with a little hand written note “for your eyes only.” I mean, what could be better? Especially with a bride as photogenic as “A.”

Thank you for allowing us to share your images A, and thanks for letting us be a small part of your big wedding day!

If you’re interested in giving your groom an intimate & extravagant gift of a bridal boudoir session, contact us today at


{Belly Boudoir} – Winnipeg maternity photographers

First and foremost, I need to acknowledge that it’s this fiery vixen’s (belated) birthday! She’s a leap year baby and Coco’s talented makeup artist who has been with us since day one.  She has energy like no one else I know, and is a proud momma to 3 adorable kiddos. (the “bun” seen in these maternity photos was a sweet baby girl!)

We often get asked if Coco does maternity photos and the answer is yes! We like to call them belly boudoir. The photos below are a taste of what a session like that would look like.

Hope you had a fantastic day Miss Karrie!

{empowered} – Winnipeg boudoir photographers

I love when clients come in with a whole suitcase full of clothing, it’s like playing dress up for me! I wanted to show the many looks that women can get out of their session. R’s whole album had a great flow, from dark and sultry, to pink/white & airy, and a bit of fiery red (her hubby’s favourite color)

Along with many different looks that women bring in, there are just as many reasons why women do a boudoir shoot. I loved R’s reasoning, she said it was because her husband made her feel so beautiful all the time that she felt the confidence to do something a little riské. We adore a hubby that empowers his bride.

Thanks for allowing us to show your images R. Now we get the opportunity see you the way your husband does everyday.

February 24, 2015 - 9:55 pm

Christie - Gorgeous photos!!

{Desire Album ft Ice Cover} – Winnipeg boudoir photographers

Just when I thought our Desire Album couldn’t get anymore luxurious, they went and added a new option called Ice Cover! It is extravagant! It gives the appearance of your favourite photo mounted in glass . For this particular album, the cover has been paired with the album material called “All that glitters is gold, ” one of over 20 options available.

As always, the Desire Album comes with a matching designer album box & 2 image Bedside Folio. It boasts 15 thick, silk textured pages. (30 sides) Has the capability of multiple images per page, as well as panoramic photos spreading over 2 pages.

It was well worth all the hours of research it took to find an album company that made such a high end product, and we are proud to offer it to our Coco clients.

If you would like to own a custom Desire Album filled with classy, beautiful photos of you, then book your session with Coco today!

{View Masters} – Winnipeg Boudoir Photographers

View masters! We’ve been selling this nostalgic product for the last 3 years and they’re always a client favorite especially at Valentine’s. They simply flew off our shelves this past Feb 14. Book your Coco session today so you can own one too!

Product specs:

  • Comes with one reel and the View Master
  • 7 images/reel
  • View Master comes in 3 colors. Black, white & red

March 30, 2015 - 1:57 pm

Jim - Love this!